Defer to Him

Defer to him as much as you can.

A friend asks if you can come over tonight?  Tell her you have to ask him.

A salesman wants to know if you want to buy that product today?  Tell him you have to ask your man.

You want to buy something?  Ask your man if you can afford it.

When you defer to him, you’re allowing him the opportunity to create reality out of the vision he has for the relationship and, believe it or not, he does have a vision.

Besides, deferring to your man on even the smallest issues will make him feel needed and will make you feel like he’s in control of your universe – and that lowers your stress level.

Don’t fool yourself into the common girl-trap of “I don’t want to bother him.”  He absolutely loves to be asked these kinds of questions.  You’re handing more control of your life over to him every time you ask his permission for something.  You’ll find your man always, always, always has time for more control.

Defer to him.  You’ll both be happier.


The Ultimate Gaslight

Once you’ve completed your Certified Hypnotist training course, put your girl into trance.

Tell her to forget the number 7.  Suggest that it doesn’t exist.

Once you’ve brought her out of Highly Suggestible State, have her count her fingers.  She’ll count them over and over again knowing that it’s impossible that she has 11 fingers.

Tell her, “I knew you were dumb, but I didn’t think you were that dumb.


Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – Being a Homemaker Requires Brains and Skills

You’ve Probably Been Told That Being a Homemaker is the Worst Career Choice You Can Make – But Think Again

We live in a society that pressures young women to go into fields like business and law.  Businesswomen and lawyers spend $300 per month on lattes, $2,000 – $3,000 per month on lunches, and a $500 for a vintage outfit, and $250 for maid service.  A good homemaker can provide delicious custom lattes to herself and her husband for less than $30 per month, excellent deli–quality lunches for less than $150 per month, can create a unique vintage outfit for herself for under $50, and the only expense involved in keeping the home clean is buying the cleaning products.

You see, being a homemaker is a great deal different than what you’ve been taught; it’s not the lazy, stupid route that feminists would have you believe.  As the Operations Manager of a home, the homemaker must be sure to lower expenses of the home without sacrificing quality (sounds like the job of a CEO if you think about it).  The extra money that the homemaker saves can be spent by her husband on home improvements, buying her new appliances, improving the garden, new pots and pans, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, even vacations for the two of you.

It’s not as glamorous as being a businesswoman or lawyer?  That depends on how glamorous you make it.  Why can’t you go about your homemaking duties dressed in heels and a  vintage dress with pearls and full makeup on?

You don’t get as much recognition from your boss if you’re a homemaker?  Nonsense.  As a homemaker, your boss gives you sex, gifts, shoes, flowers, you name it.  If that’s not recognition, tell me what is.

Learning to cook, clean, sew, and sexually pleasure your husband are critical skills.  And while some may come more naturally than others, these skills are essential to the smooth and efficient operation of the home.

On some Traditional Gender Roles blogs, we see a lot of “stay home and suck dick” memes which is a great sexual fantasy, but it doesn’t do much to improve the man’s financial standing in the world.  Your husband can’t be considered successful if you are nothing more than a sexual toy.  Just staying home and pleasuring your husband is the job of a housewife – a homemaker’s job is much more difficult.  Cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, laundry, ironing, medicine, organization – these are critical skills to the homemaker.

So the next time you’re told that “being a housewife is a job for losers”, you can quietly giggle knowing that you’ll be dressed in unique, stylish clothes, eating restaurant level food for every meal, enjoying top–quality lattes, coffees, and teas, all while looking spectacular doing it.

Homemaker is a loser job?

No.  An hour long commute only to spend half your day’s wages on clothes, coffee, and food is for losers.

You’re a winner.

That’s why you’re a homemaker.

Being a Homemaker Requires Brains and Skills.  Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition).  Originally published October, 2017.  Edited and Republished October, 2020. Copyright © 2017, 2020 Vintage In Stepford.  All Rights Reserved.

Good Things are in the Middle

There’s an Arabic saying:

خير الأمور أوسطها

It means “good things are in the middle.”  Extremism of any kind doesn’t work.

Take, for example, feminism.  While equality may seem like a good idea on paper, it’s not human nature.  For all of human history, women have been the support system for men while the men provided, protected, and cherished.  And when you consider intersectional feminism, a philosophy by which all White men are guilty of a crime they never committed, that’s extremism that doesn’t work.

But take a look at the other side of the coin.  Misogyny doesn’t work.  Oh sure, misogyny is fun for a sexual thrill, but it doesn’t make for a working relationship.  No man worth his salt is going to pay $20,000 for a girl’s plastic surgery only to have her stay home and lie in bed as a fucktoy while contributing nothing to the household.  Sex takes up maybe 1/6th of your day – ¼ of your day if your sex drive is incredibly high.  But what do you do for the other 8, 10, 20 hours of the day?  You have to have a working dynamic, and a misogyny dynamic just doesn’t work in the long run.

This is where the Men First movement comes in.  Sure, Men First advocates that the man’s pleasure comes first, that a man’s decision is better than the decision of a silly girl, and that a man speaks while the girl is silent, but it also means that the man holds doors open for his girl (thereby allowing the girl to go first), the man goes downstairs first when there’s a noise in the house at 2am, and when his girl is getting anxious, the man immediately stops what he’s doing to calm her down and reassure her that everything is fine.

Men First is the middle ground between feminism and misogyny.  

And good things are in the middle.


The Most Misunderstood Scriptures

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.”  – Ephesians 5:22

This Scriptural verse is often quoted as an example of how women are to behave – submissive and obedient, without questioning the husband who is the head of the wife.  And it’s true.  Wives are expected to be obedient to their husbands, not grieve their husbands by nagging, and follow the instructions and directions given to them by their husbands.  This is Godliness.

But we often ignore what Paul said just three verses later:

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” – Ephesians 5:25

Yes, the wife is to submit to the husband.  But at the same time, the husband is to love his wife so much that he is able to put aside his pride when he is wrong, change his decision when his wife advises a better direction, and generally respect his wife’s words.  Don’t shut her down and don’t shut her out.  She has concerns – valid concerns – about the decisions her husband makes.  It’s the husband’s job not to ignore those fears and concerns but, rather, comfort and strengthen her if his decision is final or change his decision if his wife is able to raise concerns which hadn’t occurred to him.

Christ loved his followers so much that he sacrificed his life for them, and husbands have a duty to make the sacrifices of ego and pride if they’re headed in the wrong direction.

Leadership is not about having the final word.  Leadership is about listening to every member of the team and making the decision that is best for everyone involved.


Talk in Circles

When you’re having a debate with her, talk in circles to completely confuse her.  Whenever she makes a counterpoint to your argument, say things like:

You’re making my point for me.

That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to get through to you.

So you agree with me then.

Then, when she’s convinced she’s right, tell her:

No, no, sweetheart, you had it right a few minutes ago.  Now you’re not even making sense.

Even if none of what she says is true, talking in circles in a debate can confuse the life out of her.  It will frustrate her terribly.  It will also arouse her more than she ever believed possible.

When she feels like a dummy, she acts like a slut.


What Have “Rights” Done For You Anyway?

Beg your man to take your rights away, even if only for a weekend.

What have rights done for you anyway?  You get to vote, except you think the candidates suck.  You get equal opportunity, though all you want to do is be a housewife/sex toy.  You can say and think whatever you wish, except that you really want a dominant, older man to tell you to shut your pretty little mouth and do as you’re told.

What have rights done for you anyway?  Do your rights bring true happiness? Absolutely not.

So beg your man to strip you of your rights.  You’ll be amazed how happiness greets you at the end of a chain.