Time Away

Willow and I have decided to part ways, so I’ll be taking some time to myself and away from this website.

I’m probably going to go to the cabin since I haven’t been there in months.

I’ll be taking my iPad with me and if I get inspired, I’ll write.



There’s a reason Traditional men call their girls “pet”. 

Just like a pet, a submissive girl needs to know there are boundaries.  Fences keep in pets and rules keep girls accountable.

Just like a pet, a submissive girl needs appreciation.  She needs to hear “good girl” often to know she’s loved and valued.

Just like a pet, a submissive girl needs routine.  You walk your dog at the same time every day, and your girl should have a chore list and a time limit in which to complete it.

We call girls pets because we treat them the same as we would treat a beloved pet – by imposing boundaries, showing appreciation, and enforcing routine.

And that’s exactly what both pets need to be happy and fulfilled.


Reach for her Hand

Traditional, submissive girls will often reach for their man’s hand when in public because his hand makes her feel safe and secure.

Don’t wait for her to reach for yours – reach for hers first.  Taking her hand in yours means more to her than just “holding hands”.  It proves to her that you care about her comfort level when she is surrounded by people.

Your hand – like your voice and your scent – ground her, centre her, and make her feel more confident that you have everything under control – including her world.