Listen to Her …

Listen to her voice. Hear how it calls for you to dominate her.

Listen to her body language. See how it begs you to command her.

Listen to her eyes. See how they ask you to hold her accountable.

If you listen closely to her voice, her body language, and her eyes, you’ll understand what she’s saying – she doesn’t want to decide, she wants you to choose for her.


What Are You Doing?

If you aren’t slapping her ass in public, what are you even doing?

Slapping her ass in public is one of the most dominant things you can do to her. It’s a declaration that she belongs to you. It’s an announcement that her body is to be adored. It’s a statement that her body – indeed, her entire being – is yours and only yours.

When you’re out together, be sure to slap her ass regularly.

Let others know she’s yours.



I’ve returned from my hike into the wilderness. It was so wonderful to be among the trees, the rivers, the lakes, and the wild again. I had some trouble on the first night getting a fire started, but other than that, I feel like I did very well – never ran out of food and stayed warm the entire time.

I had to cut a lot of wood to stay warm and the physical exercise has helped to heal me. I can’t say I’m healed from the breakup, but I sure feel better about it than I did. We had a wonderful relationship and I will always treasure it. No hard feelings. Nothing but respect and admiration for Willow.

Today I’m going to rest, but tomorrow I have to get back to felling trees and chopping wood. I have a feeling I’m going to be staying the entire winter at the cabin and I want to make sure I have enough wood — running out could be deadly.


On 1950s Spankings

Back in the 50s, a man’s attitude towards his girl was, “if you want to behave like a child, I’ll treat you like a child” followed by a hard spanking.

This was normal and wasn’t even questioned. As the years went by, some men stopped spanking their wives but they were encouraged to continue by those who did.

Nowadays, we think of it as barbaric that a wife would be spanked by her husband. But it always helped keep her in line and, as a result, made for a happier home.

Let’s bring it back.