On 1950s Spankings

Back in the 50s, a man’s attitude towards his girl was, “if you want to behave like a child, I’ll treat you like a child” followed by a hard spanking.

This was normal and wasn’t even questioned. As the years went by, some men stopped spanking their wives but they were encouraged to continue by those who did.

Nowadays, we think of it as barbaric that a wife would be spanked by her husband. But it always helped keep her in line and, as a result, made for a happier home.

Let’s bring it back.


3 thoughts on “On 1950s Spankings”

    1. I’d have to study a whole new angle of leftism and, believe me, I have no interest in doing that. Lefties absorb what I say because – in their view – Traditional Gender Roles are a taboo subject and nothing turns them on like the taboo.
      I still think the best angle to take with the left is to focus on happiness. Women’s happiness has been declining for 30 years and studies show that those in Traditional Gender Role relationships are far happier than those in “equal” relationships. Many people from both sides of the aisle have challenged themselves to test this in their own lives and have found out I’m right.
      Thank you for your suggestion, though.


      1. You’ve mentioned the ability to lure in females in “Grievance Studies” disciplines into traditionalism.

        If you can convert those sorts of people, you can probably convert any sort!


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