Make the Choice

Don’t invite her out to eat if you haven’t already decided where you’ll be taking her.

When you ask her out for food and ask her where she wants to go, she’s not being difficult when she says she doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

Remember, more than being hungry for food, she’s hungry for your decisions.


Decide For Her

Decide for her. Asking her to make decisions stresses the hell out of her.

When there’s a decision to be made (where to eat, what to watch, what she should wear), be mindful of her tastes and preferences, be considerate of her feelings, and when you’ve done all that, make the decision.

Your traditional girl can’t even describe the incredible stress relief she feels when you make the decisions for her.


Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – 10 Things That Mentally Turn Him On

You may think that to men, sex is purely physical.  But that’s not true.  Foreplay is an ongoing game that will end up with you being the beneficiary.  Follow these simple rules to mentally turn him on all day and night.

1.      Whatever shirt he has worn during his workday, ask if you may please sleep in it.  You’ll enjoy the scent, and he’ll enjoy the fact that even when you’re sleeping, you’re thinking of him.

2.      Tell him he’s handsome regularly.  This boosts his confidence which results in more dominance toward you, and more productivity when he works.

3.      Be out of bed before he is.  After some time, you’ll learn his sleep schedule.  Make sure you’re out of bed with his favorite morning beverage ready to go when he wakes up.

4.      Don’t whine. He has enough on his plate without hearing you whine about things.  If you have an issue in your relationship, quietly and calmly ask if the two of you could please talk about something you’ve been thinking about.  Politeness counts.  He’ll be more receptive if your manners are at their peak.

5.      Don’t just ask him questions.  Politeness and manners are the hallmark of femininity.  Ask “may I please ask …” and then state your question.  If he doesn’t want to answer, he will say no.  You are a girl.  You have no right to demand answers from him.

6.      Kneel often and without being told.  Your adoration at his feet go a long way in boosting his self-confidence and his overall sense of power in life.

7.      Don’t ask if he’ll buy you something.  If you see something you like, point it out to him, and say “I’d really love that.” Men are not as thoughtless as you may think. You may not get it today or tomorrow, but on the next special occasion, don’t be surprised if the very thing you wanted is presented in a gift-wrapped box.

8.      Never call him by his first name.  You’re a girl and have no right to address him as an equal.  Ask him what he’d like to be called and stick to it.

9.      Keep his home absolutely spotless.  If there’s even a smudge on a piece of wooden furniture, he’ll notice it.  He demands perfection.  That’s why he chose you.

10.  Make little comments about what you love about him. Little statements like “I love being constantly wet for you,” or “without you, I’d be so overwhelmed I wouldn’t know how to function” make him feel powerful, needed, and indispensable.  Always reinforce his confidence.  As you do, his dominance will increase and you’ll reap the benefits. Men do get turned on mentally.  It’s just a matter of knowing how to play the “eternal foreplay” game to get him to really show his dominance in the bedroom.  Follow these ten simple rules and the foreplay will be 24/7.


Dear Traditional Girls:

We know you take a lot of flak from some feminists who claim you’re perpetuating stereotypes or you’re suffering from internalized misogyny.  We know you’re often shamed for wanting to be stay-at-home wives and mothers.  We know you suffer the slings and arrows of those who claim you are wasting your potential.

But no matter what they tell you, remember that you are the ones with true power.

When you are with your traditional man, you have the power to refuse consent.  You have the power to safeword and immediately stop a scene.  You have the power to use your femininity as a tool to change our directions, change our opinions, and change our outlooks.

It’s sad that they don’t understand how incredibly empowered you are as a traditional girl.

But we do understand.  And we thank you for all the hard work you do.

Because of you, our homes are a bastion of peace in a world devolving into chaos.  Because of you, food is not just a way to power ourselves through the day, but becomes an experience of tastes, scents, and textures.  Because of you, our children are growing up with bright futures – futures filled with character, and integrity, and love.

Those who insult you may not appreciate you, but we do.

Thank you, ladies.  We love you.


Every gentleman on earth.

On Shy, Quiet Girls

Traditional men sure notice the flashy, hot girls.  We sometimes even date them.

But when it comes to settling down into a relationship, traditional men are drawn to shy, quiet, demure girls.

Just because your face isn’t caked in makeup, don’t think we don’t notice you.

Just because your skirt isn’t the shortest in the room, don’t think we don’t see you.

Just because you’re a little bit anti-social, don’t think we aren’t paying attention.

Be yourselves, quiet girls.  You’re our dreams come true.