Play the Game

Don’t touch her.

She wants you to, but don’t.

Tease her mind.  Play with her emotions.  Make her soul malleable and soft.  Twist her spirit into something pliable and tender.

But don’t touch her.  Let it build.

Dominate her with your words.  Conquer her with your intellect.  Tease her for hours with stories of how you’re going to destroy her, then remind her how naughty she is for getting aroused at the disgusting, terrible things you’re telling her.

But don’t touch her yet.

Toy with her mind.  Hypnotize her.  Bend her psyche.  Cast yourself as the villain in her ultimate sexual fantasy until she feels helpless, vulnerable, even frightened by the sheer weight of sexual energy pulsing between the two of you.

Then, when she’s shifting from side to side to keep herself from leaking onto her pretty little skirt, softly whisper to her, “if you want it, you have to beg, little girl.”

And when she drops to her knees and sobs for the only cock she worships, pin her down, violate her, defile her.  Make her wish she had never begged at all.

Sex isn’t a single act.  It’s a game.  It’s a dance.  It’s a long-drawn out affair that takes hours and hours of mental torture to get her to want you, to need you inside her.

Play the game.  Play it right …

… and watch the magic happen.


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