Why Breast Enlargement Is NOT Your Best Option

Some girls are looking to spend $8,000 – $10,000 on breast enlargement.

And that’s great and all if all you want to do is land a man.  But as they used to say in the 50s, “beauty lands the man, cooking keeps him.”

And it wasn’t just cooking.  Keeping a good man requires a whole array of skills that he could easily hire without you in the picture.

Consider some of the things $8,000 could get you:

– Basic, intermediate, and advanced baking classes

– Basic, intermediate, and advanced cooking classes

– A sewing machine, thread, needles, material, and patterns

– Basic, Intermediate, and advanced sewing classes

– Barista classes

– Home finance classes

– Hairstyling classes

– Nail care classes

– Makeup classes

– Massage classes

ALL of that would cost about $5,000.  Then you’ve got $3,000 left over for push-up bras, makeup, shoes, purses, thigh highs, anything you can’t make yourself, but need to look incredibly enticing.

Consider your options, girls.  Big breasts will land a man, but if you can’t keep him, what good are they?


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