You Make it so Hard.

I was watching a conservative YouTube channel that was commenting on memes.

Regarding the pandemic, the meme said “we are all in the same boat” and showed an expensive yacht. Then said, “my yacht” and showed the raft from the movie “Castaway”.

Bear in mind, conservatives, that you praise those who earn enough to afford an expensive yacht. Yet you ridicule them for saying we’re all in the same boat while showing their expensive yachts?

Look, conservatives. I agree with your hilarious memes stating that Bernie Sanders is a bigger sellout than toilet paper in a pandemic. I agree with your thoughts that AOC is the funniest and most disturbing part of socialism since Stalin. What I don’t get is how you can possibly criticize the rich for being rich.

They’re rich because they work hard (according to your ideology). They’re rich because they’ve earned it. Don’t claim the rich are out of touch when you spend time telling people that the rich have earned their wealth and deserve everything they have.

Please, conservatives. I want to love you, but you make it so hard.


2 thoughts on “You Make it so Hard.”

  1. You misunderstand. At no point is the meme about hating the rich because they’re rich. We believe in a pursuit of happiness that includes strong material prosperity as much as the next red-blooded American. What we resent is the ridiculous assertion that We’re All In The Same Boat™ when we are absolutely not all making our way through the devastating economic collapse with equal success. Someone who owns a yacht like that almost certainly does not have to worry about their next tax refund check, they sure as hell have never needed to stand in a food line, and they probably have enough private security protection of their gated communities to allow them to smugly criticize all those ne’er-do-wells who believe that the 2nd Amendment isn’t just the relic of a rustic dark age when people actually had to go out and hunt for their meat, rather than a finely crafted weapon to not only hold back violently overbearing, rapacious governments, but also to walk through dark alleys with something approaching a cold calm.

    We are NOT all in the same boat, when we do not get a say in the policies being imposed upon us. We weren’t in the same boat in the 1760s, we weren’t in the same boat in the 1850s, we weren’t in the same boat in the 1930s, and we sure as hell aren’t in the same boat now … even though we’ve never stopped believing in God, Family, and Country.


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