Glass Houses

On my WordPress blog, one of the functions it offers is to tell me the search terms used to find my blog on Google.

Today, one of the search terms was “no women is dumb enough to give up reproductive rights“.

It’s “woman”, not women. Woman is singular, women is plural. This is basic 3rd grade English.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Why I’m So Forgiving With Willow

Anytime Willow does something even slightly wrong, she apologizes and I tell her it’s okay. Why am I so forgiving?

The reason is because Willow is a very feminine girl and I excuse her mistakes because she’s just a girl. Girls don’t think as clearly as men and Willow, being younger than me, doesn’t have the wisdom of years. So any mistake she might make is easily forgivable.

Sure, it’s sexist to forgive Willow just because she’s a girl and expect her to cook, clean, and take care of me and the home, but Willow knew I was a Benevolent Sexist when we met.

So far, Benevolent Sexism has worked wonderfully in our relationship.


Why Not Murder One?

The way the case against the Minneapolis former police officer who murdered George Floyd is disgusting. Why isn’t he being charged with first degree murder?

There was certainly intent to kill Floyd. Chauvin (the ex-police officer) knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes.

When someone points a gun and pulls the trigger, there is an intent to kill. When someone kneels on a person’s neck for 8 minutes, there is an intent to kill. Except when you kneel on someone’s neck for 8 minutes, it’s definitely malicious intent to kill.

I’ve seen the video. Clearly, Floyd was saying, “please! I can’t breathe!” Clearly, Chauvin heard him (witnesses heard him, so Chauvin certainly did). Clearly, Chauvin intended to kill George Floyd.

Derek Chauvin needs to be charged with First Degree Homicide, not third degree.