When the Lies Become Too Great

You probably heard that shortly after the U.S. women’s soccer team won the world championship, they began demanding equal pay to their male counterparts.

Now, normally, I would have supported this if their game revenues (ticket sales) were the same as the men’s team, but they weren’t.  The women’s game revenues didn’t even come close to the men’s team’s revenues.

So the women’s team took the league to court.

And a short time ago, a judge determined that the women’s national team earns $8 million more than the men’s team.  Not in proportion to revenues, but overall.  Eight million dollars more.  In other words, if the women’s team wants equal pay, they need to take a pay cut.

This is one of the problems with feminism: the lies pile up so high that those telling the lies can’t see the truth anymore.


Story is here.

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