I know this is heresy, but I believe the authority’s reactions to COVID-19 is nothing more than an over-reaction.

Sweden didn’t do a shutdown.  They recommended social distancing and did what they could to protect the elderly, but they didn’t shut down.  And what happened?  Their curve is the same.  Their number of infected per 100,000 population is roughly the same as the Western countries who shut down.

I said all along that this would start to disappear by May 1st because of sunlight (SARS and Swine Flu did the same thing … the more sunlight, the less of a problem it was).  And here we are on May 1st and we’re beginning to open up.

What I’m saying is heresy.  I realize that.  But someone has to say it.  This isn’t right.  This isn’t how things should be.  I would rather live free and dangerously than safely in a prison.


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