Willow Yet Again

Willow and I have been a couple for a year, but we’re still discovering things about each other.

Last night, I discovered she loves the rock bands Queen and Rush – two of my favourites. I discovered that she loves being called “babygirl” and that she likes her own company and enjoys her solitude as much as I do.

Always learning. That’s the beauty of real love.


Thank you!

I have a lot of readers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge readers from countries outside of those three – some of whom don’t even have English as their primary language.

I have readers from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand, and a host of other countries who seem to enjoy this blog. To you, I say thank you for making the Vintage In Stepford blog so popular.


The Rewards of Being a Man With None of the Risk

Further to my post a few days ago that the USWNT (U.S. Women’s National Team) lost their lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation, more details have come to my attention.

The USWNT and the USMNT (U.S. Men’s National Team) both had the opportunity to sign one of two contracts: the first was a guaranteed annual salary with benefits. The second was a reward-based system. The better the team does, the more the members get paid.

The women chose the guaranteed annual salary contract. The men chose the reward-based contract.

But when the women won the Women’s World Cup, they decided they chose the wrong contract since they could have made WAY more money if they had chosen the reward-based contract. So they took the U.S. Soccer Federation to court to get changed (retroactively mind you) to a reward-based contract. The judge ruled that they could not change their contract just because they didn’t benefit.

But this is typical of feminism and feminists. They want all of the benefits of being a man but none of the risk. They don’t want the dangerous jobs but they want higher pay. They don’t want the higher risk of suicide and incarceration, but they want more rights. Indeed, they don’t want more rights at all. They want privileges that men don’t have.

The USWNT says they will appeal the ruling, presumably to find a feminist judge who will agree with their baloney excuse to change their contract. Hopefully, no judge is stupid enough to blindly grant the Women’s Team that which they don’t deserve.


Routine, Routine, Routine

When things are not going exactly her way, and particularly when she’s upset, it’s imperative that you keep her daily and nightly routine the same.

She depends on her daytime routine to keep her mind busy and relies on her nighttime routine to allow her to unwind.  When things aren’t going well for her, it’s natural to want to give her some slack in her routine.  But that’s a mistake.  Keeping her routine rigid will allow her to think more clearly and she won’t get overwhelmed by what’s going on in her life.

When she’s stressed or upset, nothing helps her feel normalcy like a strong routine.


If you stop moving, you’re dead.

I’ve been slacking on my exercise routine lately.

Normally, I go out for a walk in the forest every day, but lately I’ve been quite sedentary. It’s just been laziness.

I have a lot to live for – my parents are in their late 80s and I learn something new from them every day. I have a new grandson who looks exactly like me even at his tender age of 3 months. And of course, I have Willow who is less than half my age and full of energy.

I’m going for a walk now because I’ve been told that once you pass 50, if you stop moving, you’re dead.


Willow Again

Willow is fantastic.  When we walk together, she doesn’t want me to hold her hand.  She prefers if I hold her upper arm or put my hand tightly around the back of her neck or lead her by the wrist.

She likes when I call her baby, but she’s just as happy being called “bitch”.  In fact, she giggles when I call her a name like that.

I get to be a dominant, aggressive man and Willow enjoys it just as much – if not more – than my tender side.

God bless girls like Willow.



When the Lies Become Too Great

You probably heard that shortly after the U.S. women’s soccer team won the world championship, they began demanding equal pay to their male counterparts.

Now, normally, I would have supported this if their game revenues (ticket sales) were the same as the men’s team, but they weren’t.  The women’s game revenues didn’t even come close to the men’s team’s revenues.

So the women’s team took the league to court.

And a short time ago, a judge determined that the women’s national team earns $8 million more than the men’s team.  Not in proportion to revenues, but overall.  Eight million dollars more.  In other words, if the women’s team wants equal pay, they need to take a pay cut.

This is one of the problems with feminism: the lies pile up so high that those telling the lies can’t see the truth anymore.


Story is here.