How to Condescend to Her

I was speaking with Willow today and was being my usual condescending self.  I noticed a particular word I used that made almost everything condescending.

When I would ask her about her friends, I would call them her “little friends”.  When I asked about her workout, I called it her “little workout”.  When she told me about her future plans, I called them her “little goals”.

Calling everything “little” makes it seem unimportant or childlike and leaves her feeling like she is being talked down to.

Try using the word “little” when speaking to her.  It will make her feel as small as the subjects you talk about.


[insert word]”sexual” and its harmful effects

I was just looking on Twitter and noticed that “Cuomosexual” is trending because of Chris and Andrew’s close relationship.

I have noticed in the past how people have characterized close male bonding relationships from the 1960s as “homo erotic relationships”.

This is really harmful, people.  Men have the ability to have profoundly close relationships without them being erotic or sexual in any way.  To classify these relationships as anything other that genuinely close friendship is harmful to men, harmful to their friendships, and is a distorted view of relationships.

Before you ever classify a male relationship as homoerotic or sexual, remember that men have the ability to bond closer than they do with women for the simple reason that they have so much in common.