Be Sure She Knows She Is Owned

A little story …

Six months into my relationship with Willow, I asked her if she felt I was her boyfriend.  She replied, “no.  You’re not my boyfriend.  I’m owned.  You own me.

Willow wasn’t saying that to be dramatic.  She honestly feels that the idea of being boyfriend and girlfriend is upsetting, but she feels comfort in knowing that she’s owned.

How have I managed to do that?

It’s certainly not by telling her every day that she’s owned.  I’ve never done that.  What I have done is talk down to her every day, made her feel inferior, and I’ve let her know that although I treasure her, she is not my equal.

Be sure she knows she is owned, gentlemen.  When she does, she will feel safer and happier.



Be Her Hero

No matter what you’re going through or the troubles on your plate, your traditional, submissive girl should always be able to look up to you as her hero.

There’s a reason she calls you “Daddy”.  It’s because she looked up to her father and now looks to you for inspiration in her life.  Don’t let her down.  Assure her that she made the right choice when she chose you as her Daddy.

Boyfriends come and go, but Daddies and heroes are forever.


Time Stand Still

I need life to slow down.

It seems to me that my life is accelerating; every day is moving faster than it was when I was 17.  I know that 24 hours is still a day, but somehow, it seems like everything is moving much faster than I’ve ever known it.

I can’t say I love my life, but I have a lot to live for – Willow, a new grandson, my own son and now a daughter in law, learning so much from my parents who are approaching 90 … there’s so much to live for, yet everything is moving so fast.

I don’t want to look back on life but – just like the song – I wish each moment would linger a little bit longer.


This Blog is REAL Feminism

Let me make this very clear: this blog is about choices.

If you, as a woman, want to rise to the highest office in the land and you’re happy doing it, I completely support you.

Now, be warned, statistics show that women who are devoted to their careers are far less happier than housewives (Okulicz-Kozaryn & da Rocha Valente, 2017), but hey, maybe you’re the exception to statistics.  If you are, and you could very well be, I say go for it.

But if you’re like most women, you think a life of Traditional Gender Roles is ideal.  Studies have shown that Traditional Gender Role couples have more sexbetter sex, and are happier than people in equal relationships.

Your happiness is up to you.  This blogs merely provides suggestions to help you along in your path of Benevolent Sexism and Traditional Gender Roles, which, in turn, will probably make you happier.

I’m not forcing anyone into any pigeonhole.  If you, as a woman, want to be Vice President of Microsoft, go for it.  If you want to be a housewife with a wild sex life, go for it.  If you want to relinquish all of your rights to the person that you love in return for the privilege of serving them, go for it.

No one can make those choices for you.  It is your right to be a CEO or a consensual slave.

I’m all for choices.  I just want to help you make the one that will make you happiest.

And scientists, like the ones listed above, say that adopting the attitudes expressed in the blog are more likely to make you happy.

The choice is yours.

That’s REAL feminism.