“Body Positivity”

I was looking through my Tumblr dashboard today and noticed someone had remarked that they didn’t like a post of mine because it wasn’t in keeping with “body positivity”.

What is body positivity?  I understand the importance of reinforcing good behaviors and helping people to continue to take care of their bodies, but does body positivity mean that I have to lie and tell overweight people that they’re brave, beautiful, and perfect the way they are when none of those things are true?

Look, it’s simple.  If you’re overweight, lose some weight or you’re going to end up with a blood pressure or diabetes problem.  I was overweight (I’m not anymore) and I find the fastest and most effective way to lose weight is go on a Keto diet (no carbs) and eat only at 2pm and 8pm.  Do that and you can lose 43 lbs. in 8 weeks like I did.

But let’s be clear – don’t lie to people.  Being overweight is not healthy.  Being slim is healthy.  There’s no getting around it.  Sure, being overweight may be fine for a short period of time – 10 or 15 years – but eventually, you’ll develop a health problem and in some cases, it could be irreversible.

Body positivity is great, but let’s save it for people whose dietary and exercise behaviors should be encouraged instead of wasting it on people who think Cheetos are a meal.


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