Moving the Goalposts

On Tumblr, SoundlessDragon said:

Wholesome traditional femininity: idealizing dignity and modesty, baking and gardening, caring for children and home while a loyal and hardworking husband is away at work. A quiet, peaceful life.

Toxic traditional femininity: romanticizing white superiority and dom/sub kinks, actual internalized misogyny and believing women are the inferior sex.

Why is that in a movement (tradfem) that is intended to set women free from the pitfalls of modern life, people have to come along and set new standards for people to live by or else they’re not valid?

If you’re talking about women being free, then women should feel free to dabble in race play or D/s kinks or female inferiority or whatever they want – IF they consent and that’s what thrills them. Modern Traditionalism is about liberating women from stereotypes of what is “wholesome” and “toxic”, not just moving the goalposts around from one set of oppressive standards to another.


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