“A Little Rough”

Being a little rough with her can turn her on like you wouldn’t believe.  Sure, there are times to be gentle and delicate, but there are also times to overwhelm her with your sheer size and strength.

Get a little rough with her and watch her melt into a puddle of girl-goo.


Traditional Gender Roles

She needs to please you. That’s her goal in life – to see you smile. She’ll be obedient, she’ll be compliant, she’ll do anything and everything to put a smile on your face.

But there’s one caveat. She has to respect you.

If you won’t get a job, she won’t respect you. If you abuse your authority over her, she won’t respect you. If you’re mean or cruel to others, she won’t respect you.

You can’t demand respect, either. You must earn it in your actions every single day.

If you’re a respectable man, she’ll be the most obedient, submissive, amazing girl you’ve ever known in your life.

That’s what Traditional Gender Roles are all about.