Consistency = Safety

To your traditional girl, consistency means safety. Keeping consistent rules, boundaries, and routines will help ease her natural anxiety. She’ll always know what’s expected of her and will strive to be as pleasing as possible.

Stay consistent with your girl and watch her happiness level soar.


It’s a Man’s World

Have you thanked him today? I mean, really thanked him?

All the decisions … he’s made them, and made them well.

All the hardships … he’s taken them upon his shoulders to shield you.

All the responsibilities … he’s lifted them from your back and made them his burden.

You need to thank him for all that he does.


It’s a man’s world, ladies.


The Happiness Guarantee

There’s a reason the Patriarchy exists.

Let’s face it: girls are dumb. Without male guidance and approval, they’d barely be able to function. But thanks to the Patriarchy, girls have purpose.

And whether that purpose is being a piece of furniture, an object to be admired, or as a sex toy, men will always make sure girls feel useful.

Girls are dumb. That’s no secret. But inside that dumdum brain is the need to feel useful, to have purpose, and to put a smile on your face.

Give her purpose. Make her feel useful. Smile when she pleases you.

Do those things and she’s guaranteed to be happy.


Let’s Bring Back Face-Slapping For Speaking Out Of Turn

Have you ever noticed that when he slaps your face, you recoil in shock and then immediately recognize you were speaking out of turn? Maybe your words weren’t careful enough. Maybe what you said could be construed as a little disrespectful. Maybe, God forbid, you tried to interrupt a man.

A forceful face-slap wakes you up to reality. It grounds you. It helps you learn that when you get angry about something, you need to watch your damned tongue, young lady.

And best of all, being slapped in the face is incredibly, incredibly hot.

Yeah. Let’s bring that back.