At this rate, America is going to have to repeal the 22nd Amendment.


I woke up this morning to find a comment on one of my “cuter” posts that called me “f*cking scum” and claimed that I didn’t have the balls to be myself. All because I called a girl in a bunny outfit a “little dummy”.

This was obviously a major overreaction from this person and I hope that he learns to step away from the Internet once in a while to put everything in perspective.

We all need to do that. When I first started blogging under the VIS handle in 2016, I had thin skin and over-reacted to every little thing said to me. Time and patience have helped me to put the internet in perspective. And the best trick I learned was making sure that I didn’t make my life revolve around what’s said on the net.

Bushcraft is one of my favorite hobbies and I continue to do outdoorsy stuff. I like to hike every day and basically get out into nature. When I do post, it’s because ideas have been bubbling inside me for a couple of days and I’ve written myself little notes on paper as I’m hiking, camping, or spending time in nature.

You know the old saying, “there’s grass and trees out there”? Well, it sounds cliché, but it’s true. There’s much more to life than getting angry about a semi-provocative post on the internet. It’s just a post. It’s not worth giving yourself self-inflicted mental wounds over.  Especially when people like me post things that are specifically intended to get a rise out of people.  Most people don’t know this (Willow does), but about 50% of my VIS posts are me trolling the Tumblr community.

So take the time to get outside. I know that’s tough in the winter so read a book, brush off that fountain pen and do some writing – do something, anything, that will help you keep the internet in perspective.

To the gentleman who freaked out this morning over the post, I hope you take this advice and let nature heal you.

Dumb, Pretty, and Submissive

When you want to get into a relationship with a man, you have to remember a critical factor: every skill you have, he either has or can hire (including sex).

So how do you set yourself apart?

He’s going to love you if you’re three things: dumb, pretty, and submissive.

Willow is just such a girl.  She gets top marks in school, speaks multiple languages (including Chinese), but when we’re together, she’s just three simple things: dumb, pretty, and submissive.

Sure, some men will say they love intelligence in a girl, and some are not that bothered about the other two factors, but the overwhelming majority of men want a girl who is what?  Dumb, pretty, and submissive.

Repeat it to yourself over and over:  “I’m a good girl because I’m dumb, pretty, and submissive.

There you go.  Good girl.


It’s a Man’s World

Have you thanked him today? I mean, really thanked him?

All the decisions … he’s made them, and made them well.

All the hardships … he’s taken them upon his shoulders to shield you.

All the responsibilities … he’s lifted them from your back and made them his burden.

You need to thank him for all that he does.


It’s a man’s world, ladies.


The Happiness Guarantee

There’s a reason the Patriarchy exists.

Let’s face it: girls are dumb. Without male guidance and approval, they’d barely be able to function. But thanks to the Patriarchy, girls have purpose.

And whether that purpose is being a piece of furniture, an object to be admired, or as a sex toy, men will always make sure girls feel useful.

Girls are dumb. That’s no secret. But inside that dumdum brain is the need to feel useful, to have purpose, and to put a smile on your face.

Give her purpose. Make her feel useful. Smile when she pleases you.

Do those things and she’s guaranteed to be happy.