“Ask Mr. Stepford”

I realized today that I had a page up called “Ask Mr. Stepford a Question” that worked on the old website but is no longer functional on the new incarnation.

If you wish to ask a question or leave a comment, simply comment on this or any other blog post and I will reply within 48 hours.


3 thoughts on ““Ask Mr. Stepford””

  1. Hello my name is Shary,
    I’m 19 years old and I’ve recently came across your blog which has really intrigued me. I’m not sure if you’re a Christian or not (I am) but I would like to ask you how can I find a traditional man. A masculine man who wants to be the leader and provider. All my life my mom, teachers, counselors, friends, family friends (all female) etc.. have told me all my life that I need to be this independent strong woman who makes her own money and decisions. I’m Hispanic so this is even more emphasized by the victim mentality that many have. I’ve never felt the need for this. My mom specifically is pushing me towards a career as a doctor but all I want to do is get married, be submissive to my husband and take care my children and home. Any tips on how this may be achieved will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Shary.

      First, I’m not “Christian”, but Christ is the head of my life and I do obey his laws. I’m what’s known as “Nazarene” because I believe in Jesus as the Christ but also obey his laws in what you call the “old testament”.

      I’m really pleased that you’re seeing through the illusion that your friends, teachers, and family are projecting for you: that being an independent woman is a lofty goal. And even loftier goal is being happy, and I think you’d find a Traditional Gender Role Relationship would bring you that happiness.

      As for how to find a traditional man, you’re probably going to find him in one of two places: church or a supermarket. When you’re in a supermarket, talk to some of the men in the checkout lanes, but only if they are alone and have no ring on their left ring finger. Talk to them about anything, but try to gear it toward how you love to cook for other people and that you’re “an old-fashioned girl”. Usually men know that means a girl who believes in Traditional Gender Roles. Be sure you’re wearing a pretty dress, heels, and perhaps a pearl necklace.

      I’m proud of you for fighting against what everyone else tells you is good for you, dollface! Keep up the fight to be yourself!


      P.S. My apologies for not seeing this comment earlier.


      1. Thank you for your reply. I definitely will take your advice and hopefully in the near future I will find a traditional husband who I can submit myself to.


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