"Happy Holidays"

SJW’s would have you believe that the phrase “Happy Holidays” is more inclusive and doesn’t discriminate against those who don’t celebrate holidays at this time of year.

I’m Natsari (aka “Nazarene”). I don’t celebrate Christmas. I get told “Merry Christmas” every 5 minutes when I’m out on the town.

And do you know what I say back? It’s not, “you mean ‘Happy Holidays'”. No. I say, “and Merry Christmas to you!”

Those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas don’t have a tree up our asses. We don’t care what you celebrate so long as you do it happily, safely, and peacefully.

Again, another example of SJW’s unjustly assuming they’re defending minorities when they’ve never actually asked our opinions on the matter.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I live in a Judaeo-Christian country. If Christmas is the holiday these people celebrate, I’m happy for them.

I can’t tell you if there’s a “war on Christmas”. All I know is that as someone who doesn’t celebrate it, the phrase “Merry Christmas” doesn’t offend me one bit.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Time's Person of the Year

Greta Thunberg has been named Time’s Person of the Year despite the fact that 96% of votes went to the Hong Kong Protesters.

Just like the Nobel Peace Prize, Time’s Person of the Year has become a meaningless virtue signal designed to reward someone who does nothing … but gets a lot of media attention.

The Hong Kong Protesters endured real hardship – beatings, tear gas, riot police. The toughest thing Greta encountered was bragging how she didn’t have to go to school anymore because of her mythical Climate Change agenda.

I guess Time didn’t want to piss off their Chinese masters. Agendas are written for you when you want to sell magazines in Beijing.

Time, Nobel … you’re like the United Nations – worthless, corrupt, and outdated.


Manhandle Her

If she smiles when you slap her face, take that as a big consent signal to keep hitting her.

Girls who enjoy a slap in the face don’t want you to stop at one. That smile should tell you to keep going.

So rough her up and manhandle her. She loves to know you’re an intellectual giant, but a little physical roughness turns her on more than you think.