Have You Asked Him For a Slap?

So you’ve fantasized about being slapped in the face like you’ve seen in old movies.

Have you asked him to do it to you?

Chances are, if you ask him to slap you when you’re stepping out of line, he’ll be more than happy to knock some sense into you next time you’re disrespectful.


Humiliate Her … Just a Little

Instead of referring to her as “honey” or “baby”, sprinkle a little humiliation into your conversation – but be sure to make it possessive.

Such as:

Good night, my little dummy.

What are you baking, my sweet little idiot?

Get me a coffee, my little slut.

By using the word “my” followed by a gently humiliating name, she’ll feel owned, dominated, and wet.


How To Act Like a Bimbo

It seems that only the smartest girls know how to act dumb convincingly.

Take my Willow. Top marks in school, speaks five languages, yet when we’re together, she can’t remember what “climate change” means, she forgets her own name, and her mouth stays slightly opened until she starts drooling.

Willow’s secret is simple: she goes to her “happy place” – a mental state she has created where she doesn’t have to think, doesn’t have to make decisions, and only has to look cute, sexy, and pretty to be accepted.

It takes a bright girl to make a convincing bimbo. Create your own “bimbo head space” and feel the freedom of being bimbofied.


The older I get, the deeper my faith takes me, the more I look around this corrupt and hateful world, the more I realize this is not where I belong.

I’ve never understood what I feel inside when I pray. I thought it was longing. I thought it was yearning. It was both and it was neither.

It’s homesickness. I want to go home.

Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus.