Feminists are a bunch of White girls telling us how difficult they have it.

Bitch, I’m on a yacht and you’re right there with me soaking up the rays. Don’t tell me you have it tough.

Feminists are over-privileged White girls who have no clue what they’re talking about.

You wanna talk about having it tough? Let’s talk to the Black girl who has 3 children and works three jobs just to make ends meet. Does she want “intersectional feminism“? No, she just wants the government to get the FUCK out of her life and stop taxing her to death.

White feminists have never spoken to a person of color in their lives. And it’s probably a good thing. They’d learn just how conservative vulnerable minorities are.

White feminists are bitches from privileged homes with privileged Daddies who have no idea how good they have it. They preach from university pulpits while Daddy pays for their meals out. Have they actually spoken to a Native Indian about the Washington Redskins? Not on your life. If they did, they’d find out the Indigenous People don’t give a damn about football team names – they have bigger, more pressing issues.

If feminists actually talked to the people they claim to represent, they’d find out how conservative they really are.

And that would change their perspective right quick.


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