11,000 “Scientists” Sign Climate Emergency Warning Letter. Real or Fake News?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news – eleven thousand scientists have signed an open letter to humanity warning of a climate emergency.

Is it true?

Not in the slightest.

The opinion piece was penned by the Alliance of World Scientists.  What is the Alliance of World Scientists you ask?  It is literally a guy in a dorm room at Oregon State University who asked all visitors to his blog who considered themselves scientists to sign the letter of climate emergency.  It was as simple as putting in a name (could be fake or real), a university, a city, and a country.  Once that’s done, BAM!  That’s another signature for the “climate emergency warning letter.”  In some cases, the letter was signed by physiotherapists, dentists, even someone who claims to be an expert in reincarnation.

So, in other words, these 11,000 “signatures” are 11,000 random people on the Internet who claim to be scientists.  They might know nothing about science.  They might be taxi drivers who watch too much government sponsored State News (like CBC in Canada) but if they consider themselves knowledgeable enough to enter four fields on a random website, they’re scientists.

Want proof?  Ezra Levant of Rebel Media in Canada breaks it down.

This is science now?

Remember the old myth about 97% of climate scientists agreeing that humans were responsible for climate change?  Remember how that was considered fact until some wise-guy found out that a poll of climate scientists was never taken?  Turns out the 97% number comes from a few hundred climate papers and one man, John Cook, who looked the papers over and determined whether those papers concluded mankind was responsible for climate change.  Even if a paper considered mankind’s influence as a remote possibility, Cook put it in the “yes” column.

This is not science.  This is a joke.  And a bad one at that.

11,000 scientists my ass.

The climate hoax has been exposed for a while now, people.  You can all breathe easy.


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