Stare At Her Tits

Sometime, when you’re talking to your traditional, submissive girl, stare at her tits while you talk to her.

Casually talk to her, answering every question she may have, but don’t take your focus off her tits.

She’ll feel objectified … and wet.

And that’s never a bad thing.


On Shy, Quiet Girls

Traditional men sure notice the flashy, hot girls. We sometimes even date them.

But when it comes to settling down into a relationship, traditional men are drawn to shy, quiet, demure girls.

Just because your face isn’t caked in makeup, don’t think we don’t notice you.

Just because your skirt isn’t the shortest in the room, don’t think we don’t see you.

Just because you’re a little bit anti-social, don’t think we aren’t paying attention.

Be yourselves, quiet girls. You’re our dreams come true.


Give Her a Day of Rest

Traditional, submissive girls work so hard to please you that they often need 24 hours just to recharge their batteries – a day where they can sleep in and treat themselves to things they may not get otherwise.

That doesn’t mean she should be left with nothing to do. Once she has spent 8, 10, or even 12 hours sleeping, make sure she is kept busy doing things that she enjoys whether that is shopping, going to the spa, or just scrolling Tumblr.

Yes, girls need a day of rest. But if you give them time to sit around and think, they become overwhelmed. If they become overwhelmed, they become sad. If they become sad, it’s not really a day of rest, is it?

My Willow’s day off is Sunday. She spends 16 hours sleeping then I keep her busy with shopping for herself, skin care, and things that she will neglect because she’s too focused on me. If I give her “free time”, she’ll get blue, and that’s the last thing either of us needs.

Give your girl a day off, but don’t give her free time. She can rest and recharge without becoming overwhelmed and depressed.


Decorate Her How You Wish

She’s your property.  You decorate your car how you wish, you decorate your home how you wish, so it only makes sense that you decorate her how you wish.

Lay out her clothes for her the night before.  Maybe it’s a pretty little Stepford outfit.  Maybe it’s a pair of black thigh highs, a short skirt, and a pink wig.  The only limit is your imagination.

Decorate your trophy however you wish.  She’s your property, after all.