Perfect Timing

There are times in your life when the Lord simply opens your eyes because it’s time for your eyes to be opened.

For years, I avoided marriage, heeding Paul’s advice to be as he was – unmarried. I’ve dated many girls and when the topic of marriage came up, I dodged it.

But shortly after I met Willow and started talking to her, I went back to Scripture and starting reading what Paul said about marriage. Yes, he did say that it was better to remain unmarried, but he also said that it is better for a man to marry than to burn with passion.

And by that time, my passion for Willow was already burning white hot.

I haven’t asked her to marry me – not yet, anyway. But it amazes me that I dodged marriage for so long only to find out that I was dodging it for all the wrong reasons. It took Willow’s presence in my life and God’s prodding to get me to investigate the Scriptures for guidance.

A personal relationship with Iesous Christos (Jesus Christ) can be a roller coaster ride. One moment, you feel as if you’re the worst human being on earth for a minor flaw in your character. The next, you’re amazed by his grace when you mess up big time.

So will I marry Willow? I will indeed. In time. Now that God has shown me that it’s better to marry than to burn for her, I certainly will, if he wills it.

But I will always make time for my Master, my Lord, my God. It was he who gave her to me, he who opened my eyes, and he who showers me with grace every day of my life.

Praise be to the most high God.


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