On Consistency

One of the most important things you can do for your girl is remain consistent.  Don’t be inflexible, but remain relatively consistent in your routines, permissions, and denials.

For example, my girl, Willow, has a bedtime routine.  She finishes her work, she has to wash up and put her hair into braids for bed, she sniffs lavender (equally as potent a sleep agent for her as it is for me), then we have ten minutes of pillow talk before she tells me she’s tired.  After that, we say the same words to say good night – night after night – and finally, she falls asleep.

It gives Willow comfort to know there is a stabilizing force in her life.  And chances are, your submissive girl has some measure of anxiety like Willow does.

It’s important that your girl has a consistent bedtime routine (and perhaps a deep whiff of lavender) to allow her to settle down more peacefully.

She will expend every drop of energy pleasing you.  A consistent bedtime routine that is soothing and peaceful will allow her to get the rest she deserves.