I Nearly Dropped $275 On a Razor. Here’s Why I Didn’t.

I’ve been looking for a decent vintage  double edge (DE) razor.  I eventually gave up on finding one at a decent price and went to a website that finds the antique razor you want, cleans it up, re-plates it, then ships it off to you.

I wanted a very specific razor – a 1959 Gillette 195 Adjustable (“Fatboy”) despite the fact that I’ve never used one in my life.  Cost: $275, but I figured it would be worth every penny.

See, here’s one of my major flaws – I’m a contrarian to the extreme.  When people say something is good, I tend to avoid it on the basic principle that people are liars.

So when I first started getting into safety razors 8 years ago, it was recommended to me that I purchase a Merkur 34C as my first DE razor.

I did, and the shave was very good.  Good, but not great.  So I purchased a “twist-to-open” razor (also known as a butterfly razor).  I liked the idea of them.  They’re easy to use, easy to clean, easy to replace the blade.

So I tried a butterfly razor on my head and it was the greatest shave I’ve had in my life.

Those who kept promoting the Merkur 34C were doing so because everyone else was doing it.

Still, I wanted my vintage razor.

So I went to the vintage razor website one more time this afternoon and dropped the exact razor I wanted into my cart.  Before I clicked “purchase”, I decided to have a shower and a shave – and that I would use my butterfly razor just to make sure I was making the right decision of dropping $275 on a vintage razor.

I was wrong.  So wrong.

My head right now is absolutely smooth – not a single piece of stubble on it.  The butterfly razor had no problem taking care of it.

So I’ve closed the website and won’t be going back.  From now on, I will only shave with the butterfly razor.

Being a contrarian and a provocateur has served me well in life.  I’ve become rather financially successful by bucking social norms.  At the same time, it has caused me to make some terrible blunders; advice I should have taken, I refused, for no other reason than I thought I knew better.

Being a contrarian is kind of like a double-edged razor blade.  It can do incredible things for you.  It can also harm you beyond belief.

And the $275 vintage razor?  Nah.  I’ll stick with my $17 butterfly razor thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “I Nearly Dropped $275 On a Razor. Here’s Why I Didn’t.”

  1. eBay for vintage Gillette safety razors. I got a great adjustable fatboy for $39.00. I know the site you write about where they will clean the razor and plate it in one of several metals. That’s cool, but you can buy a safety razor from eBay and have it plated later. Also, look for the vintage Gillette three-piece razors. Some of them, especially the ball-end razors are true works of art.


    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve decided to just stick with my cheap $17 butterfly, though I may pick up a 1957 Gillette Super Speed which, ironically, looks absolutely identical to the razor I use. I’ll probably pick one up for 40 bucks, dunk in Barbicide and let it be good enough. Besides, some pit marks give these things character.


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