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If you’ve ever considered buying one or more of the Vintage In Stepford ebooks but put it off until a better time, good news!  Prices on the Kindle ebooks have been slashed to just $0.99 USD!

The best part?  You can now read Kindle books on any device!  Oh sure, if you have a Kindle, you just buy and read.  But what if you’re running Windows 10?  No problem!  You can download the Kindle app from Microsoft Store for free!

iPhone, iPad, or Mac?  Download the Kindle app from the App Store.  Price?  Free!

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Make sure you register your Kindle app with the same account information you use on Amazon and, once purchased, the VIS book(s) will be sent immediately to your device!


The #1 New Release, A Man Explained It To Me!: Everyday Topics Mansplained So Well That Even A Woman Can Understand Them by Mr. V. I. Stepford, is available at these sites (just click on your country’s name to be taken directly to the Amazon listing for the book):

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Interested in becoming a Bimbo, but can’t seem to keep your mind blank?  VIS to the rescue!

101 Bimbo Mantras: 101 Hypnotic Mantras For Bimbos, T-Girls, And Sissies by Mr. V. I. Stepford is available through these links:

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Looking for something more cerebral (that’s a big word that means “smarterer”)?  VIS has you covered.

Best of Vintage In Stepford by Mr. V. I. Stepford is a collection of some of the most popular posts from Vintage In Stepford all laid out for you in an easy-to-read format.

You can pick up your copy for just $0.99 in these countries:

U.S. / U.K. / Germany / France / Spain / Italy / Netherlands / Japan / Brazil / Canada / Australia / India.

Thank you, everyone, for continuing to support my work!

– Vintage In Stepford (VIS)


LOL!!! Procter & Gamble (P&G), the parent company of Gillette, stated that Gillette was forced to take an EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR write-down on their business for the fourth quarter netting them a loss of $5.4 billion!

The second a company says “we remain confident in our future“, you know they’re not.  “All war is deception” according to Sun Tzu.  “When you are weak, show the enemy you are strong.” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War).  If any person or corporation says they’re confident in their future, you can wager big money they’re questioning whether they’re gonna survive another year.

P&G claims that currency devaluation and lower demand for their product (because Western men are growing beards) are the reasons to blame.

LOL!  Yeah, 1 billion men ALL decided to grow beards in the latest fiscal fourth quarter, P&G?  Just organically and magically, men decided to stop shaving?  It had nothing to do with your incredibly offensive, ridiculous, “woke” commercial?  Nothing at all?

Good LORD you people must be in serious denial – and major damage control mode.  Just wait until 1Q results are in.  It’s going to be disastrous.

Get woke, go broke, Gillette.   We told you we’d boycott and we did.  And now you’re 8 billion freaking dollars poorer because of it.

The market has spoken, cucks.


I’m Free From the Shackles of VIS

I posted on Tumblr and BDSMlr that I would no longer be writing on the VIS blogs there.  I did not, however, mention that I would continue to post here.

And ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts.

You see, on Tumblr, I was very tightly bound by what I could say and couldn’t say.  Here, I’m free.  I can talk about consensual abuse (which is awesome with the right partner, by the way), I’m free to talk about the necessity of hate speech, I’m free to talk about anything I please.

I’m free from the shackles that bound me as the Tumblr VIS persona.

Now, I can be me.

I pay for this website out of my own pocket.  I can write what I want.  I don’t intend to go too far (I’m generally not a hateful person), but if I want to talk about how wonderful consensual non-consent (consensual rape) is, I will.  And Tumblr staff can piss off.

And if you don’t like what I write here, dear reader, you can piss off too.

See, I don’t care anymore.  I’m going to write whatever the hell I want.

Welcome to VIS 2.0.