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If you’ve ever considered buying one or more of the Vintage In Stepford ebooks but put it off until a better time, good news!  Prices on the Kindle ebooks have been slashed to just $0.99 USD!

The best part?  You can now read Kindle books on any device!  Oh sure, if you have a Kindle, you just buy and read.  But what if you’re running Windows 10?  No problem!  You can download the Kindle app from Microsoft Store for free!

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The #1 New Release, A Man Explained It To Me!: Everyday Topics Mansplained So Well That Even A Woman Can Understand Them by Mr. V. I. Stepford, is available at these sites (just click on your country’s name to be taken directly to the Amazon listing for the book):

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Interested in becoming a Bimbo, but can’t seem to keep your mind blank?  VIS to the rescue!

101 Bimbo Mantras: 101 Hypnotic Mantras For Bimbos, T-Girls, And Sissies by Mr. V. I. Stepford is available through these links:

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Looking for something more cerebral (that’s a big word that means “smarterer”)?  VIS has you covered.

Best of Vintage In Stepford by Mr. V. I. Stepford is a collection of some of the most popular posts from Vintage In Stepford all laid out for you in an easy-to-read format.

You can pick up your copy for just $0.99 in these countries:

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Thank you, everyone, for continuing to support my work!

– Vintage In Stepford (VIS)

Benevolent Sexism – Definition

benevolent sexism [buh-nev-uh-luh nt sek-siz-uh m] – noun -See under ambivalent sexism.

ambivalent sexism [am-biv-uh-luh nt sek-siz-uh m] – noun – a theory that sexism toward women is multidimensional, one form (hostile sexism) reflecting negative views of women who challenge traditional gender roles, and the other form (benevolent sexism) reflecting positive views of women who conform to these roles. (2019). Benevolent Sexism.


What is Benevolent Sexism?

Benevolent sexism is a form of paternalistic prejudice (treating a lower status group as a father might treat a child) directed toward women. Prejudice is often thought of as a dislike or antipathy toward a group. Benevolent sexism, however, is an affectionate but patronizing attitude that treats women as needing men’s help, protection, and provision (i.e., as being more like children than adults). Benevolently sexist attitudes suggest that women are purer and nicer than men, but also mentally weaker and less capable. Behaviors that illustrate benevolent sexism include overhelping women (implying they cannot do something themselves), using diminutive names (e.g., “sweetie”) toward female strangers, or “talking down” to women (e.g., implying they cannot understand something technical).

-from “Benevolent Sexism Definition” on

Believe It Or Not, Women Are Simple Creatures – The BAR System

Think she’s complicated?  Think again.

Most men think that women are complex creatures.  They complain about women over-analyzing, running amok, and being too demanding.

But in fact, the opposite is true.  All girls really need in life is 3 things – and they form an acronym: Boundaries, Appreciation, and Routine – or BAR.

If she has Boundaries, which include punishment for violation, she knows there are limitations on how far she can go before you put her back in her place. Boundaries also include accountability for her actions.  These Boundaries give her a sense of security unlike anything else you can give her.

Of course, she needs Appreciation – to be used like a slut, to be cuddled when she cries, to be told she’s a “good girl” when her behavior is at its best. Appreciation includes “I love you”s and maintenance spankings.

She requires Routine which includes consistency.  If she’s busy with her Routine, she doesn’t have time to over-think.  If she doesn’t have time to over-think, she can’t over-analyze every little situation in her life, and that’s liberating for her.

Make no mistake, she will consistently test to make sure these 3 things are still in place.  It’s not a challenge to your authority, your masculinity, or your dominance; it’s actually a compliment.  She treats these little tests like a “ping” signal.  She pings because maybe, just maybe, she’s feeling a little insecure right at that moment and she needs to know the BAR is still firmly in place and because you’re the only one who can make her feel secure again.  Don’t cower from the test, delight in it.  She’s pinging you because she believes in you and knows with all her heart that you’ll return the ping signal with a loving, “it’s okay, babygirl … everything’s under control.”

All your girl has ever wanted is freedom in chains.  Give her that freedom.

Set the BAR for her.