A Glitch In The Matrix, or Do Some Things Never Change?

What is driving the return to Traditional Gender Role relationships?

It’s counter-cultural.  People are awakening to a new possibility – that the postmodernist cultural norms are unfulfilling and that in order to feel that we have worth in the midst of this hell we call ‘life’, we must find purpose for ourselves.  For men, that purpose is a natural inclination to lead, guide, teach, and to take responsibility.  For women, that purpose is a natural inclination to nurture, to care for others, and to empathize with those whom they love and – in the best cases – even with those whom they hate.

Postmodernism left us with the belief that rights are all that matters.  The post-postmodernist, post-feminist counter-culture (which I have dubbed “The New Counter-Culture”) has embraced the concept that rights are not the negation of responsibility.  On the contrary, obligations and responsibilities are what make our rights so meaningful.

The rise of postmodernism, and its bedmate, feminism, have long promoted that men and women are essentially the same.  Fraught with problematic dogmas, these sub-cultures have risen in direct correlation to a decline in women’s overall happiness and happiness relative to men.   The New Counter-Culture, on the other hand, is realizing a singular truth: if we do not recognize that men and women each have distinct natural inclinations that must be heeded, our lives are meaningless – and often unhappy.

There is a balance that can be struck.  We can believe in endless possibilities and unlimited potential for every individual.  At the same time, we must realize that each individual sees their unlimited potential and endless possibilities as something different.  For one person, unlimited potential may be building a business from scratch into a Fortune 500 company.  For another, it may be working long nights as a scientist in a laboratory trying to discover the cure for a fatal disease.  For another, unlimited potential may mean staying at home with children, worshiping the God of their choice, and serving their spouse.  The New Counter-Culture recognizes that all of these potentials are valid and that if we are to give their own lives meaning, we must pursue our personal vision of our own “unlimited potential.”

What is most interesting about the New Counter-Culture is that it is based not on new rights and responsibilities or even new means of interpreting the two.  No, the new counter-culture merely takes old ideas and breathes new life into them through the lens of instincts and natural proclivities – just as human beings have done for thousands of years.

A wise man once said, “what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; and there is nothing new under the sun.”  That is the essence of the counter-cultural revolution we are witnessing today.


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