The Rise of Trump, the Fall of Racism?

Two sociologists (Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington) at the University of Pennsylvania have confirmed what conservatives claimed they already knew: racism in America has been reduced under President Trump.

I found plenty of conservative news sites referencing this article, but none linked to it.  I searched Google for it.  Nothing.

Then I tried DuckDuckGo.  Bingo.

Now, this is a long-term study – over a period of 10 years from 2008 to 2018 with 2,500 participants.  So this is not a small study and it is not a short-term one, either.  And if you know anything about scientific studies, the bigger the participation group and the longer the period of time over which it is conducted, the more accurate it is believed to be.

Knowing this study will probably disappear from the internet pretty quickly given the Left’s penchant for deleting material that disagrees with their assumptions, I downloaded a free copy.  You can download it from this site on the link below.

I got it for free, feel free to download it.  There is NO copyright notification on this document.  Therefore, you can legally download and distribute this document on the condition that you do not earn any monies from it.

Trump reduced prejudice Hopkins Washington pdf


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