The Future Is Female

You see it everywhere.  “The Future Is Female.”  And it’s true.  The future is female.

But not the way they think.

The future is female because smart men are working hard every day to make sure good girls are more comfortable in their roles as homemakers.  Clever male designers like Christian Louboutin are making sexier shoes for girls.  Intelligent men like Ian Lobley are running companies like Agent Provocateur to provide girls with the sexiest lingerie in the world.  Innovative men like James Dyson are making better, more efficient vacuum cleaners. Male-led companies like General Electric are creating smart appliances that save girls time and effort when doing “women’s work.”

And because very smart men have been working so hard to make homemaking easier, men will be able to enjoy a cleaner home, better food, and more intimate time with better-dressed, prettier girls.  And our girls will be less stressed and happier because of our efforts.

When it comes to helping good girls become happier, prettier, and more domestic, men are working very hard every day to ensure that the future is indeed female.


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