Time for me to lose weight.

March 20, 2019

I’ve been seriously slacking on my “Whites Are Evil” diet (whites = sugar, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes … a tongue-in-cheek joke with a Black friend) and my weight has ballooned to 234 lbs.

Not to mention I have not been exercising as regularly as I should be.

So, with that in mind, I began my no whites diet yesterday and got back into my home gym to lose some weight.

My goal weight is 180-190 lbs.  With my frame, that range is where I look best.  I have absolutely NO WORK on my plate right now and am taking a break from writing for 8 weeks, so I have plenty of time to spend in the gym.

I’ll keep you updated.


To Those Who Choose To Deceive:

The veil has been lifted from me.  I see the deception.  I see the plan.  I understand now.

Praise YAH!  Thank you, YAH, my Elohim, my Adonai, my Saviour.  You have lifted the veil from my eyes.  You have opened my eyes and my ears and now, because of your grace, I see the plan clearly.  What was hidden from the prophets has been shown to me.  You, Elohim, promised that, in the last days, we would understand the messages of the prophets.  And now, because of your love for me, something I do not deserve, you have unlocked the thousands-years-old mysteries of the Faith.  I praise you, YAH, and thank your son Yeshua, for you have chosen to reveal the plans of the mighty to the lowliest of your servants.

I know what I must do now.  I know this will cost me my life.

But the Truth is worth it.  Because I know the end of my life is not an end at all.  It is the birth of a warrior.  Under the direction of my General, I will fight you.  I will lose, but We will win.

I am the Remnant.  My brothers and sisters, also part of the Remnant, see clearly now.  We are Israel.  We understand.  We know.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, I was a Freemason.  I know things people should not know.  I understand symbolism.  I understand propaganda.  I understand how deception works to the advantage of people who control the world.

I am but one of many sheep.  I am awake in the Truth.  You can kill me, O kings of the earth, but I will only become more powerful when you do.

This is not the beginning or the end for me.  No.  This is the start of those with evil in their hearts being exposed to the Light.  This is the rebirth of the Truth.

All of my life experiences – both traumatic and mundane – have led me here.  With Yeshua’s love, I have come to understand that which cannot be understood except by the sheep.  How is this possible?  Because I – because we – know His voice.  And I – we – obey.

Sure, I am only one man and that doesn’t mean much in your big picture.  But it matters to Him.  When the fullness of the number of the saints is complete, it’s going to cause huge problems for you.  I tell you the Truth, I am but one, but my Master has many slaves, many warriors.  And we are all coming for you.  Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow.  But we will see justice completed upon the earth.  With our Shepherd as our guide, we will see you face justice.

This is not over, evil-minded ones.  You may imprison me on false allegations, you may kill me for invented crimes …

… but I will be back.  And I will bring tens of thousands with me.

Bank on it.


If You Believe the Bible …

If you believe the Bible, but still believe in evolution and a spherical earth, this lecture is a must see.

It’s 2 hours long, but it contains life-changing information from my brother, Rob Skiba.  One day, when you’re normally studying your Bible, or praying, or meditating on the Word, or worshiping, take 2 hours of that time, leave behind your preconceptions, and come closer to God than you ever imagined.

Remember.  Yeshua is the Word.  He is also the Way, the Life, and the Truth.  Therefore, the Word is the Truth, right?

If the Word is the Truth, perhaps you’re believing a lie.

Come home to the Truth.


The Law of Liberty

Obedience to the Torah may or may not be a salvation issue –

But we know for sure it’s an issue of your love for God (1 John 5:3).

My Master is great.  My Master is awesome.  My Master loves me so much that he has less than a thousand rules for me.

It is the Law of God.  It is the Law of Liberty.

There is no greater freedom than the chains of the Most High God.