I’m 51 years old this coming Thursday.  I was 6 years old when Nixon resigned.

It was the scandal of a lifetime.  There I sat, in a hotel room in Montréal, Canada with my parents while President Nixon announced he was vacating the office the next day.  I kept making a racket (I was only 6!).  My dad told me to pay attention.  He said to always remember that no-one, not even the President of the United States, was above the law of the land.

There have been a LOT of scandals in American politics in my 50 years.  But nothing, absolutely nothing I have ever seen will ever approach the scope and magnitude of what is about to happen in the United States over the next year and a half.

We’re talking about top-office officials, including former presidents, being charged with high treason, sedition, espionage, and other capital crimes.  We’re talking about Obama’s presidency being completely annulled.  We’re talking about people you have seen on the news being executed for crimes against the United States.

Nothing you will ever see in your lifetime will ever come close to this.  Nothing you have ever seen in your lifetime has prepared you for this.

What’s about to happen is the biggest scandal in – not only American history – but world political history.  This is the biggest thing to happen since the resurrection of The Christ.

Buckle up, folks.  It’s about to get very, very nasty.


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