81 Days – No Alcohol
84 Days – No Cannabis
3,795 Days – No Opium
4,039 Days – No Cigarettes
About 92 minutes – No Tea (if you think I’m giving that up, you’re insane)

Sorry I haven’t posted about this.  I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve just been so busy lately (first with a lung infection, then catching up on work), that I just plum forgot I’m a recovering alcoholic.

And that about sums up this recovery update.  I forgot I’m a recovering alcoholic.  I forgot I’m addicted to alcohol.

Still haven’t touched the stuff, though.  A friend called today to ask if I had any Scotch for a party, so I said I did.  He came by and I gave him my last bottle of Lagavulin 16.

And when I was handing it to him, I didn’t have any regrets, or feel anything other than wanting him to leave as quickly as possible so that I could get back to work.

Meanwhile, since recovering from my second lung infection in 2 months, my creativity has skyrocketed.  New songs on the go, new books being drafted, all sorts of things in the works.

Yes, I’m considering a podcast.  In the online poll, there were 43 votes – 86% said they wanted a podcast.  With that in mind, I’ll be speaking to a producer later this week to find out how much this will cost me.


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