Freedom In Chains

Despite what modern feminist society teaches, she’s your property and your toy.  You own her.  So the responsibility for her happiness rests on your shoulders.

To keep her happy, use the BAR system.  Be sure to give her Boundaries to make her feel safe.  Show her plenty of Appreciation like hugs and kisses.  Give her a strict Routine to keep her from over thinking.  

When she has these chains around her, she’ll feel safe and loved.

Just ask her – there’s freedom in chains.


Hints For A Successful Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m sure your family and friends will be gathering at your home to share in a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Two little hints to make your Thanksgiving dinner a success:

1) Men will gather in a room by themselves to talk.  Do not go into the room.  Every time a girl enters a room full of men, it destroys the dynamic that happens between the men.  Leave them alone.  If they need drinks or snacks, they will either call you, or come to get it themselves.

2) While you’re in the kitchen with the other girls, do not gossip.  Avoid topics like politics and religion, and most certainly do not speak badly of anyone.  It’s a day to be grateful, so every time someone says something negative about someone, mention one of their positive attributes.  Remember that gossip, politics, and religion are poison to good conversation.  Keep it light and friendly.  Sure, it’s superficial, but it makes for a pleasant day.

Most of all, be grateful for everything you have been given.  Not just today, but every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!