Parenting Hack

I don’t normally post parenting tips, but here’s one for you …

One of the things my parents did for me when I was small was go to the decorating store and buy a 6′ X 6′ square of lightweight, plain, white linoleum flooring.  Then my mother took a permanent marker and drew roadways, stop signs, and buildings on the flooring, then flipped it over and drew a different city on the other side.  They gave me the mat and my toy cars and said, “now you have two cities to drive your cars in.”

That piece of linoleum kept me occupied for hours every day.  And the best part was, when I was done, I just rolled it up and stuck it in my toy box.  I was, maybe, 4 years old, but rolling it up and putting it in the toy box was no trouble at all.

Your total investment is probably about $30 and a couple of hours of your time.  But for the amount of time it will keep your child occupied, it’s totally worth it.


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