Men being ignorant fuckwads is the least sexy thing a Man can be… Sexuality is so much more than just “Gay, straight, or bi”

Normally, I would have just deleted the email, but I’m recovering from a respiratory infection and I’m just in a mood. 

The thing is that most people identify themselves by their sexuality these days.  I don’t.  I’m so much more than my sexuality.  That’s only one aspect of who I am.  I mention it occasionally only because it explains a few things. 

I think there’s way too much emphasis on sex and sexuality in today’s culture.  I don’t know about you, Allie, but I really don’t care about a person’s sexuality.  I think if we identify ourselves primarily by whom we’d have sex with, we just prove how shallow we are. 

I refuse to be that shallow. 

And it’s a funny thing, because if you look at the guy’s blog, he’s a hentai dude.  And it surprised me, because usually the hentai gang are among the most well-informed, least judgmental people you’ll ever meet.

He’s an oddity, for sure.


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