I saw this on a feminist blog this evening and wanted to share it with you all.

Eating disorders = bad thing, and I’m not a fan of porn because I’m demisexual.

But to know that sales of female beauty products have tripled (which I doubled checked, and they’ve actually risen 500% since 2008), and that female cosmetic surgery is the fastest growing medical procedure (I checked, it’s true) is wonderful news.  Not so much the surgery (though I won’t knock it if that’s what you’re into), but that women are taking an interest in their personal beauty again is a genuinely wonderful thing.

This shows we’re making progress, folks.  Patriarchy is alive and well and is halting the progress of feminism.  

Femininity and beauty never went out of style.  Patriarchy never went out of style.

We still rule this earth.


P.S.  Let me stress again – eating disorders are a horrible thing we need to fight against.  We need our traditional girls healthy.  They can’t serve if they’re not healthy.

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