Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – A Brief History of the Term “Daddy.”

Think you’re modern, hip, and cool because you call him
Daddy?  Honey, you’re about a century too
late to the game.

It has become fashionable of late for a girl to call her
partner “Daddy.”  We see it popping up on
social media and every girl thinks she’s breaking new ground by using the
term.  But the first recorded use of the
term is from the 1920s when girls called their man “Big Daddy.”  In the 1930s and 40s, the term morphed into “Daddy-O.”  By the 1950s, the standard “Daddy” became
fashionable again.

Then there seemed to be a pause in the term as the feminist
movement took hold in the 1960s and 1970s.
But by the 1980s, the phrase “who’s your Daddy?” became popular and the
moniker was resurrected in romantic relationships.

The 1990s saw a period of use of the standard “Daddy” just
like in the 1950s, while the 2000s saw the creation of the term “Sugar Daddy”
to refer to a man who paid a girl’s expenses in return for companionship.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, “Daddy”
has been the simple, but widely used term for girls in relationships with a
power dynamic.

So if you think you’re being modern by calling him “Daddy,”
think again.  Girls have been using the
term for at least a hundred years that we know of, and very probably much
longer in unrecorded settings.

Who’s your Daddy?  He is.

And you love

A Brief History of the Term “Daddy.”  Good Housekeeping (21st
Century Edition). November 25, 2018.
Copyright © 2018 Vintage in Stepford™.
All Rights Reserved.

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