Parenting Hack

I don’t normally post parenting tips, but here’s one for you …

One of the things my parents did for me when I was small was go to the decorating store and buy a 6′ X 6′ square of lightweight, plain, white linoleum flooring.  Then my mother took a permanent marker and drew roadways, stop signs, and buildings on the flooring, then flipped it over and drew a different city on the other side.  They gave me the mat and my toy cars and said, “now you have two cities to drive your cars in.”

That piece of linoleum kept me occupied for hours every day.  And the best part was, when I was done, I just rolled it up and stuck it in my toy box.  I was, maybe, 4 years old, but rolling it up and putting it in the toy box was no trouble at all.

Your total investment is probably about $30 and a couple of hours of your time.  But for the amount of time it will keep your child occupied, it’s totally worth it.


Men being ignorant fuckwads is the least sexy thing a Man can be… Sexuality is so much more than just “Gay, straight, or bi”

Normally, I would have just deleted the email, but I’m recovering from a respiratory infection and I’m just in a mood. 

The thing is that most people identify themselves by their sexuality these days.  I don’t.  I’m so much more than my sexuality.  That’s only one aspect of who I am.  I mention it occasionally only because it explains a few things. 

I think there’s way too much emphasis on sex and sexuality in today’s culture.  I don’t know about you, Allie, but I really don’t care about a person’s sexuality.  I think if we identify ourselves primarily by whom we’d have sex with, we just prove how shallow we are. 

I refuse to be that shallow. 

And it’s a funny thing, because if you look at the guy’s blog, he’s a hentai dude.  And it surprised me, because usually the hentai gang are among the most well-informed, least judgmental people you’ll ever meet.

He’s an oddity, for sure.


I roll my eyes at people that call themselves “demisexual.” You don’t need a special name for having standards like the rest of the world. You’re not special. Sorry, bro, but that should be embarrassing for you and since it clearly isn’t I hope you grow out of it one day.

Clearly you are just ignorant to how the demisexual mind works.  Can’t say I blame you … if you’re not demisexual, it’s pretty tough to understand.

I’ll thank you to keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

In fact, I’ll make sure of it.




I saw this on a feminist blog this evening and wanted to share it with you all.

Eating disorders = bad thing, and I’m not a fan of porn because I’m demisexual.

But to know that sales of female beauty products have tripled (which I doubled checked, and they’ve actually risen 500% since 2008), and that female cosmetic surgery is the fastest growing medical procedure (I checked, it’s true) is wonderful news.  Not so much the surgery (though I won’t knock it if that’s what you’re into), but that women are taking an interest in their personal beauty again is a genuinely wonderful thing.

This shows we’re making progress, folks.  Patriarchy is alive and well and is halting the progress of feminism.  

Femininity and beauty never went out of style.  Patriarchy never went out of style.

We still rule this earth.


P.S.  Let me stress again – eating disorders are a horrible thing we need to fight against.  We need our traditional girls healthy.  They can’t serve if they’re not healthy.

So how would a woman clean up her language then? I tend to be foul when I’m angry and I know its a bad habit I need to kick.


I figure everyone can use a laugh on a Monday ….

That’s my advice.


So that was funny and all, but here’s my real advice:

There was a study done (there’s probably been a number of them) that suggested that cussing when angry is actually therapeutic.

However, it’s still pretty unrefined, so if you’re going to cuss, do it under your breath.

Or you could do what my grandmother used to do.  She replaced cuss words with similar sounding words that helped her get her frustrations out.

“F*cking Jes*s Chr*st!” became “Sucking Cheese and Crackers!”

Hard sounding consonants are best because they tend to relieve stress faster.


Freedom In Chains



Despite what modern feminist society teaches, she’s your property and your toy.  You own her.  So the responsibility for her happiness rests on your shoulders.

To keep her happy, use the BAR system.  Be sure to give her Boundaries to make her feel safe.  Show her plenty of Appreciation like hugs and kisses.  Give her a strict Routine to keep her from over thinking.  

When she has these chains around her, she’ll feel safe and loved.

Just ask her – there’s freedom in chains.


Don’t forget that you should set up punishments for violating each of these things.

This short blurb was adapted from a longer article I wrote that addresses accountability and other factors.  The article is available here.


What are your thoughts on girls who swear or use foul language?

Coarse language from a girl (or from a man in mixed company) is bad policy.

When a girl swears, it just proves how unrefined she is.  It’s not feminine.  It makes her sound like she’s trash.

Now, it’s totally different when you’re talking about sex.  If she says “I love being f*cked by you,” that’s totally acceptable because she’s talking about the act.  But if she’s just cussing to emphasize what she’s saying, it’s classless.  

Part of being feminine is being classy.  Cussing just proves she has no class.


It’s Time For A Kitchen Counter-Revolution

Women who wear jeans, don’t know how to cook, and spend most of their time at the club or on Facebook used to be revolutionary.  Now they’re just “normies.”

Girls who wear dresses, heels, and aprons, can cook a fabulous meal from scratch, and spend most of their time tending to their man’s needs used to be an average girl.  Now they’re the rebels.

There’s too many normies in today’s world.  It’s time for a counter-revolution.  And what’s the best place for a counter-revolution?  Why, the kitchen counter, of course.

Put on a dress and a pair of heels.  Tie your apron around your waist.  Grab that old cookbook.  Get back in the kitchen.

Be a rebel.


Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – A Brief History of the Term “Daddy.”

Think you’re modern, hip, and cool because you call him
Daddy?  Honey, you’re about a century too
late to the game.

It has become fashionable of late for a girl to call her
partner “Daddy.”  We see it popping up on
social media and every girl thinks she’s breaking new ground by using the
term.  But the first recorded use of the
term is from the 1920s when girls called their man “Big Daddy.”  In the 1930s and 40s, the term morphed into “Daddy-O.”  By the 1950s, the standard “Daddy” became
fashionable again.

Then there seemed to be a pause in the term as the feminist
movement took hold in the 1960s and 1970s.
But by the 1980s, the phrase “who’s your Daddy?” became popular and the
moniker was resurrected in romantic relationships.

The 1990s saw a period of use of the standard “Daddy” just
like in the 1950s, while the 2000s saw the creation of the term “Sugar Daddy”
to refer to a man who paid a girl’s expenses in return for companionship.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, “Daddy”
has been the simple, but widely used term for girls in relationships with a
power dynamic.

So if you think you’re being modern by calling him “Daddy,”
think again.  Girls have been using the
term for at least a hundred years that we know of, and very probably much
longer in unrecorded settings.

Who’s your Daddy?  He is.

And you love

A Brief History of the Term “Daddy.”  Good Housekeeping (21st
Century Edition). November 25, 2018.
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All Rights Reserved.