I know what you’re thinking.  “Oh not another stupid spiral.  I just want to read.”

But have you ever asked yourself why you’re avoiding all the spirals you see on Tumblr?  Is it because you’re just a tiny bit afraid that one of these spirals could make your brain pop and turn you into a blank, mindless, Stepford doll?

Give it a try.  Just this once.  Get comfortable, stare into the spiral, and just let go of all the stress you’ve had.

You’ll love being transformed into a Stepford Girl.


Girls will never be equal to Men


We just won’t. We’re not as smart as Men, we’re not as strong as Men, we’re not as creative or as inventive as Men.

Our brains are not as good as Men’s. Our bodies are designed less for the labor and work men’s are, but for smaller activities and child raising.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that we, as girls, are inferior to Men.

Girls Don’t Need College


What’s most interesting about photographing models is that the photographer and the viewer are not interested in the girl’s brains, her personality, the grades she got in school, her degree, or any of that nonsense.  They just want to the model to capture men’s attention.

And this is a perfect example of a girl who knows how to capture a man’s attention.  Nice tits, nice face, good makeup, nice body, completely vacant stare, and she looks like she couldn’t pass a 2nd grade math test.

So when you think you need that university education, just remember this girl.  While you’re in class, she’s working out.  While you’re cramming for finals, she’s perfecting her makeup routine.  While you’re working 12 hours a day as a waitress, she’s the customer whose latest man is buying her the dinner that you served.

If you think school is going to make you a smarter person, a wiser person, and grant you a bigger income and all the comforts of life, I have news for you: this girl gets things handed to her on a silver platter because she’s nothing more than three things:

Dumb, pretty, and submissive.

Give that some thought before classes start in September.