Never be ashamed to be a man


I know there’s a lot of feminist media out there telling you guys that there’s something wrong with you, that you’re to blame for so many of the world’s problems, and that you should just submit to women.

Please don’t. It’s a hard time to be a Man, and even harder to raise a boy in. It’s hard, but don’t be ashamed to bask in your masculinity.

Men made the world. Men rule the world, always have, and always will. No feminist lies will ever change that.

You are wonderful, and girls like me that appreciate and support you are out there.

Every man out there is destined for great things. Yes, even you. I don’t care if you’re a heavy bodybuilder, or a 25 year old shy virgin. You will change the world.

There’s a girl out there waiting for you. Your name might not go down in the history books, but you will carve your name into a girl’s heart, and be her world.

There’s a girl out there, right now, who’s all alone and needs your support and guidance to be happy. A girl who’s missed you her entire life, longing for you, she just doesn’t realize it because you’ve haven’t met yet.
But she’ll just pass you by and not look back if she doesn’t see you for the man you are. Girls need dominance and guidance.

Even if you’re gay, there’s another man out there, waiting for you to complete him. 

I know I’m rambling here, but, every time I hear a feminist or see someone blame men for a problem, it just gets under my skin and truly, truly angers me.

You’re all absolutely wonderful, and deserve more love, support, and happiness than you probably get right now.

#allie for president 2020


One thought on “Never be ashamed to be a man”

  1. The particular post you’re commenting on was not originally posted by me, but by a friend of mine named Allie. I know she has a Patreon account and I’ll look into getting her information for you over the holidays.

    If you enjoy the rest of the blog (99% original content), please let me know and I’ll look into a donate button.

    Thanks for your kind offer.



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