The Female Pavlovian Response

When dealing with animals, short, memorable commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” are always best.

Do your traditional girl the same favour.  Instead of saying “come sit down next to me and relax,” try patting the seat next to you while saying, “sit.”

You’d be surprised how easily she complies.


How To Meet Traditional Men

1) Go to the grocery store in a dress and heels.

2) Plan to buy something that weighs more than 5 pounds.

3) Ask a man if he would help you put it in your cart.

4) When you’ve checked out, ask another man to help you get it into the car.

5) Repeat until you land a Traditional man.

Traditional men love helpless girls.


Final Post

I’ve been thinking about this for some time – since the
deletion of my old blog, actually – and I’ve decided it’s time to move on from

This has nothing to do with depression (from which I’ve emerged), but rather two very simple – yet inescapable – truths:

As you all know, my career is one of the most important
things in my life and I really can’t afford to be distracted by this blog.  But more importantly, and perhaps more
relevantly, I really have nothing new to say on this blog; everything I think
and feel about Traditional Gender Role relationships has already been written
either by me or by one of the other great bloggers out there.

I won’t be deleting this blog.  I figure the archive is important for people
to have as a reference tool, particularly the articles on safety.

Let me say a few last things.

Don’t let my writings influence what you should want in a
relationship – you want what you want, and you need what you need.  My writings should never influence you toward a particular form or shape you should want for your relationship.

The most important factors in your relationship – whatever
form that may take – are Consistency, Communication, and Consent.  If you’re looking for gaslighting in your
relationship, make sure you give/have consent.
Same with hitting, same with the dynamic, same with every single factor
of what you share with another.  Consent
is key, and when you factor in Communication and Consistency, you’ll find that
you’ll be happier in life when you’re in a Traditional Gender Role relationship
that applies the Three C’s.

Ladies, do as you’re told by a good man and everything will be fine.  Gentlemen, be a man – not some testosterone driven douchebag, but a man with control over himself and over his best girl’s universe.  Be ambitious.  Be politically incorrect.  Be an individual.

And yes, be a rebel.  Being a traditionalist in modern times is the very definition of rebellion.  Be that rebel with a cause.

Don’t be racist – racism is not traditional.

Don’t be hateful – hate contributes nothing.

Unlearn the crap society has been teaching you.  The majority is usually wrong.  Only independent thinkers hold truth in their hands.

Most importantly, I want you all to be happy.  That was the whole point of this blog – to take you from the misery of hopelessness into the knowledge that – assuming you’re an adult – you’re not too young or old to pursue a Traditional Gender Role relationship, you’re not too young or old to have old-fashioned values, you’re not too young or old to look toward your future and see something bright on the horizon.

And that’s the reason I’m walking away from Tumblr.  It makes me happy to know where my life is going.  My career is reaching its peak, I’m closer than ever to my friends and family, and – despite the occasional bout of depression caused by stress – I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

So, in closing this blog, I want to thank you for reading
and supporting me.  My sincere hope for
you all is that you have a happy life and that you find the Traditional Gender
Role relationship of your dreams.

Best wishes,