Good Things Are In The Middle

There’s an Arabic saying:

خير الأمور أوسطها

It means “good things are in the middle.”  Extremism of any kind doesn’t work.

Take, for example, feminism.  While equality may seem like a good idea on paper, it’s not human nature.  For all of human history, women have been the support system for men while the men provided, protected, and cherished.  And when you consider intersectional feminism, a philosophy by which all White men are guilty of a crime they never committed, that’s extremism that doesn’t work.

But take a look at the other side of the coin.  Misogyny doesn’t work.  Oh sure, misogyny is fun for a sexual thrill, but it doesn’t make for a working relationship.  No man worth his salt is going to pay $20,000 for a girl’s plastic surgery only to have her stay home and lie in bed as a fucktoy while contributing nothing to the household.  Sex takes up maybe 1/6th of your day – ¼ of your day if your sex drive is incredibly high.  But what do you do for the other 8, 10, 20 hours of the day?  You have to have a working dynamic, and a misogyny dynamic just doesn’t work in the long run.

This is where the Men First movement comes in.  Sure, Men First advocates that the man’s pleasure comes first, that a man’s decision is better than the decision of a silly girl, and that a man speaks while the girl is silent, but it also means that the man holds doors open for his girl (thereby allowing the girl to go first), the man goes downstairs first when there’s a noise in the house at 2am, and when his girl is getting anxious, the man immediately stops what he’s doing to calm her down and reassure her that everything is fine.

Men First is the middle ground between feminism and misogyny.  

And good things are in the middle.


To the feminists looking at Tumblr blogs …


There’s something inherently arousing about the Patriarchy, isn’t there?

Men mansplaining to you, belittling you, objectifying you …

Your brain tells you that that’s not right, it’s not justice.  After all, you’ve been told you’re their economic, political, and social equal.

And yet your body betrays you.  Your slit gets wet when you see the image of a girl licking a man’s boot.  You can feel your nipples harden when you imagine being held by the throat and fucked like an object.  Your heart pounds when you fantasize about being forced to do degrading acts that you know would cause your feminist friends to reject you as a gender traitor with tendencies of internalized misogyny.

And yet here you are, back on Tumblr, edging to the most degrading porn, the stuff that demeans women, that objectifies women, that causes you to wonder if maybe the Patriarchy isn’t all bad.

It’s the guilt that turns you on, isn’t it?  It’s that worshiping a man – any man – is taboo for you.  And that’s why it’s such a damn turn-on.  It’s naughty.  It’s taboo.  And you can’t stop thinking about it.

If only you could try it … just once … to be slapped when a cock is pounding you, to have a man’s cum shot all over your face, to be forced to lick the boot of a man who makes you call him Master.  Just once, you think … just once.

Let’s face it, little Miss Feminist.  You’ve reached the point of no return.  You’ve crossed the red line.  You know there’s no turning back now.  You’ll never look at feminism the same way again.

Welcome back to the natural order.  Welcome to Natural Inequality.

Welcome to the Patriarchy.


Gaslighting = Fun


One of the best ways to gaslight her is to use the simple phrase, “I know you better than you know yourself, and you’re wrong.

Suddenly, she becomes confused.  She starts questioning herself.  “It’s true.  He knows me really well.  Could he be right?  Am I wrong?

Inevitably, she’ll come back to you and say something like, “if I’m wrong, what makes you think you’re right?

That’s the perfect opportunity to talk down to her like she’s a toddler.  Yes, she’ll get even more frustrated but the physical effects – her instant arousal – are undeniable.

Gaslighting can be a lot of fun.  Make sure you have consent to do it, but once you do, make her question the very core of her beliefs for your amusement.


Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – So You’re Inferior To Men. Now What?


Discovering and accepting that you – as a woman – are inferior to men has its advantages.


So, you’re a woman who’s discovering she’s inferior to
men.  What do you do next?

The most empowering thing you can do is own it.  

Being feminine, being inferior, and being a female come with
a huge number of privileges.  You’d get a
much lighter sentence if you were convicted of a crime.  You’re more likely to get out of speeding
tickets and traffic violations.  You’re
more likely to get assistance when you need it.

So what should you do?

Watch your diet.  I
don’t mean go on a fad diet (those are really harmful).  I mean make a lifelong commitment to eat
healthy foods every single time you eat.
Drink more water and less sugary drinks.

Exercise.  And no,
going to the store to buy potato chips is not exercise.  If you can’t afford a gym, there are things
around the house you can lift in repetitions to get fit.  You don’t even need to lift anything.  Basic exercises like crunches, push ups, running,
and even walking will help keep your body in shape.

Dress well.  You don’t
need to spend a fortune on nice looking clothes, just clothes that look nice on
you.  Wear dresses, not jeans.  Wear heels, no sneakers.

Act like a lady.  Don’t
cuss unnecessarily, don’t gossip, don’t make crude remarks about anyone or anything.  Silence is not only golden, but it adds a little
feminine mystique.

Be helpful.  Sure, you’re
inferior, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be helpful.  If a man needs something, fetch it for him.  If he doesn’t need anything right that moment,
just smile and be pretty.  That’s helpful
all by itself.

You’ll find that if you follow these guidelines, your female
privilege will soar and men will be falling over themselves to help you.

And when that happens, you’ll wonder why you ever thought being
inferior was such a bad thing.

You’re Inferior To Men.  Now What?, Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition), September 2017.  © Copyright 2017 Vintage In Stepford, All Rights Reserved.