A Man’s Natural State

We talk a lot about a woman’s natural state – feminine, submissive, pleasing – but I don’t believe there’s enough written about a man’s natural state.

See, in a perfect world, a man’s natural state is to be sexist.  He’d happily slap any girl on the ass for a job well done, and he’d remind girls on a regular basis that they’re just girls, there to amuse and entertain him, and he really has no obligation to take any girl seriously.

A man’s natural state is to catcall a girl who looks good and, if she looks really great that day, to grope her without wondering if it’s “o.k.” to do so.

A man’s natural state is to fuck the life out of his best girl, use her as his personal fucktoy, then kiss her tenderly and remind her that he still loves her – despite all his groping and slapping with other girls.

A man’s natural state is not to remain monogamous, but to spread his seed far and wide, to as many girls as he can.  A man feels an instinctive need to know that no matter how old he is, he can still find an attractive girl who’s willing to suck his cock or bend over for him.

Men have always restrained themselves, and for good reason.  Decades ago, we restrained ourselves out of gentlemanliness, now we restrain ourselves because of possible lawsuits or criminal charges.  But let’s face it, just about every man on the face of the planet would grope an attractive girl, catcall her if he wasn’t close enough to grope her, and fuck as many girls as he could.

So while girls are free to return to their natural state, we men must continue to restrain ourselves.

And that just proves that girls who return to femininity and their natural state will always have greater female privilege than any angry, ugly feminist.

And they’ll also get a lot more attention from men.


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