You block people for commenting an emoji when they reblog your stuff cause you just don’t like emojis. That really stupid and childish. It’s not stealing your content, it’s showing their expectations/reaction to your post.

I “just don’t like emojis?”  lol … whatttt?

What’s next?  You’re going to call me “emojiphobic?”

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The Gentleman’s Times – How  (Not) To Choke Her



You may think that all you have to do is cut off her air supply.  Think again.

On Tumblr, and a lot of other places for that matter, you’re
going to see a lot of scenes of a man choking a girl.  For girls, it’s a turn on that a man has that
kind of control and power over them.  For
men, it’s a turn on that her very life is in his hands.

But what you see isn’t necessarily what you should be
doing.  NEVER choke a girl – or anyone
else – by placing pressure on the front of the throat.

You see, it really shouldn’t be calling choking at all.  It’s less of a “choke” and more of a “neck
squeeze.”  But since “neck squeeze” doesn’t
sound sexy, we use the term “choke.”

The trachea (windpipe) at the front of the throat is
flexible, yes, but it can also be easily crushed.  If you apply too much pressure to the
trachea, it will collapse, allowing no air to pass through.  The only way to regain the ability to breathe
is by an emergency tracheotomy.  And don’t
try to convince her that you’re skilled in the art of emergency tracheotomy
surgery.  Trust me, that won’t fly.

The proper way to gain control of her with your hand is to
wrap your hand around her throat without applying very much pressure at all to
the front of the throat.  The magic is in
your fingers and thumb.  Apply pressure
to the SIDES of the neck, thereby constricting the Carotid Arteries and Jugular
Veins.  Now, in theory,
with enough pressure on these veins and arteries, you can make her pass out in
6-8 seconds, but a) you probably can’t apply that much pressure with just your
hand, and, b) if you could apply that much pressure, you’re going to hurt her.

The key to a good “choke hold” is to apply enough pressure
to these veins and arteries on the sides of the neck to make her
lightheaded.  As you constrict the blood
flow to her brain, that is precisely what will happen.  She’ll feel lightheaded and euphoric.  She’ll probably beg you not to stop, but you
must.  Don’t apply pressure to these
areas for more than 20 seconds at a time, leaving at least 5 minutes for the
brain to recapture oxygen from the blood before trying it again.

Choking is considered “edge play,” and if you’re going to incorporate
edge play into your relationship, do your research and know what can harm her
and what can’t, or you’ll end up with an expensive trip to the ER and – very likely
– a trip to the local jail.

How (Not) To Choke Her. The Gentleman’s Times, Spring 2018 Issue. Copyright © March 17, 2018, Vintage In Stepford.  All Rights Reserved.

Thank you Sir. I’ve heard other gentlemen say this too.

Literally Objectify Her


You’re relaxing with the newspaper and she asks, “is there anything I can get you?

You grin and reply, “a footstool would be great.

She moves to retrieve the footrest and you correct her.  “No, no, honey.  You’re my footrest today.

Order her to get down on her hands and knees and stay perfectly still while you put your feet up and continue to read.

Maybe it’ll take you an hour to finish the paper.  Maybe it’ll take longer.  That’s okay.  You’re comfortable and that’s all that matters.

And what about her?

Don’t worry about her.  She’s just a girl.


Girls Don’t Need College


What’s most interesting about photographing models is that the photographer and the viewer are not interested in the girl’s brains, her personality, the grades she got in school, her degree, or any of that nonsense.  They just want to the model to capture men’s attention.

And this is a perfect example of a girl who knows how to capture a man’s attention.  Nice tits, nice face, good makeup, nice body, completely vacant stare, and she looks like she couldn’t pass a 2nd grade math test.

So when you think you need that university education, just remember this girl.  While you’re in class, she’s working out.  While you’re cramming for finals, she’s perfecting her makeup routine.  While you’re working 12 hours a day as a waitress, she’s the customer whose latest man is buying her the dinner that you served.

If you think school is going to make you a smarter person, a wiser person, and grant you a bigger income and all the comforts of life, I have news for you: this girl gets things handed to her on a silver platter because she’s nothing more than three things:

Dumb, pretty, and submissive.

Give that some thought before classes start in September.


Hello VIS, From glancing through your blog it appears you are an author. I am an avid reader. Would you mind providing a suggested reading list. I have found some of my favorite books when asking this question of authors. I’m a 42 year old female, 5’6″ in height, I’m a busty & voluptuous 206 lbs, I reside in West Virginia, USA.

Hi there,

I like reading and re-reading classics.  Anything by Hemingway, of course (he wrote over 60 short stories which are worth a read), 1984 by Orwell (which I think is very important to re-read in these times), Moby Dick (Melville) is one of my all-time favourites, Lolita (Nabokov), The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky), Anna Karenina (Tolstoy), and Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe).

But I prefer non-fiction works.  Some of my favourites are “The Creature From Jekyll Island” (Griffin), “The Richest Man In Babylon” (Clason), “Zetetic Astronomy” (Rowbotham), “The Art of Manliness” (McKay), and “Behold a Pale Horse” (Cooper).

I also love poetry.  Cummings and Neruda are definitely my favourites.  Neruda’s sonnets, particularly, are amazing work even when translated into English.

5 pieces of information.  Gold Star!  Very good girl!