Traditional Gender Roles are simple: he protects, provides, and helps her grow.  In return, she takes care of his needs, cares for his home, and becomes his stress-reliever.

If that’s not a simple relationship with no complications, I don’t know what is.


Going to traditional gender roles legit saved my marriage! 😍😍

I realize switching to a TGR dynamic in your marriage had nothing to do with me, but I always love to hear things like this.  A marriage is on the rocks, the couple gives it one last chance with a new dynamic (some strange thing called “Traditional Gender Roles”) and BAM!  Saved marriage.

I love hearing stories like this.  And it’s a testimony to the happiness that comes with Traditional Gender Roles.


Give Her Commands, Not Requests.


When you give her an instruction, don’t be overly polite.

Don’t say:

Would you please hand me that book?

Could you please get me a coffee?

Would you mind handing that newspaper to me?

See, in your girl’s mind, those are decisions to be made.  “Would I please?” “Could I?”  “Would I mind?

Decisions like these complicate her world and the last thing she needs is more complications in her life.

At the same time, manners are important and by using them, you’re setting the politeness bar for her.

Instead of the above, try:

Please hand me that book.

Get me a coffee, please.

Hand that news paper to me, doll.

See?  Much simpler.  No decisions to be made, no thinking involved.  Easy, concise instructions make her head clearer and her heart lighter.

So when you give her an instruction, don’t leave anything to chance.  A short, memorable command – not request – is what she needs to hear.

And she’ll obey without question.


(bows ) hello i follow you and i agree with your page 100% & Yes i am a woman

Thank you very much for reading and following.

Be warned, though, that the will come a time when you’ll disagree with something I write.  I write to different audiences who practice different things – some readers are strictly traditional, some are into hard core S&M – so you’re bound to find something that doesn’t appeal to you.

I’ve never known anyone who agrees with everything I’ve written.  If you find something with which you disagree, be assured that it wasn’t written for your style of Traditional Gender Role relationship.

1 piece of information.  Good girl.


Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – Being a Homemaker Requires Brains and Skills

You’ve Probably Been Told That Being a Homemaker is the Worst Career Choice You Can Make – But Think Again

We live in a society that pressures young women to go into fields like business and law.  Businesswomen and lawyers spend $300 per month on lattes, $2,000 – $3,000 per month on lunches, and a $500 for a vintage outfit, and $250 for maid service.  A good homemaker can provide delicious custom lattes to herself and her husband for less than $30 per month, excellent deli–quality lunches for less than $150 per month, can create a unique vintage outfit for herself for under $50, and the only expense involved in keeping the home clean is buying the cleaning products.

You see, being a homemaker is a great deal different than what you’ve been taught; it’s not the lazy, stupid route that feminists would have you believe.  As the Operations Manager of a home, the homemaker must be sure to lower expenses of the home without sacrificing quality (sounds like the job of a CEO if you think about it).  The extra money that the homemaker saves can be spent by her husband on home improvements, buying her new appliances, improving the garden, new pots and pans, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, even vacations for the two of you.

It’s not as glamorous as being a businesswoman or lawyer?  That depends on how glamorous you make it.  Why can’t you go about your homemaking duties dressed in heels and a  vintage dress with pearls and full makeup on?

You don’t get as much recognition from your boss if you’re a homemaker?  Nonsense.  As a homemaker, your boss gives you sex, gifts, shoes, flowers, you name it.  If that’s not recognition, tell me what is.

Learning to cook, clean, sew, and sexually pleasure your husband are critical skills.  And while some may come more naturally than others, these skills are essential to the smooth and efficient operation of the home.

On some Traditional Gender Roles blogs, we see a lot of “stay home and suck dick” memes which is a great sexual fantasy, but it doesn’t do much to improve the man’s financial standing in the world.  Your husband can’t be considered successful if you are nothing more than a sexual toy.  Just staying home and pleasuring your husband is the job of a housewife – a homemaker’s job is much more difficult.  Cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, laundry, ironing, medicine, organization – these are critical skills to the homemaker.

So the next time you’re told that “being a housewife is a job for losers”, you can quietly giggle knowing that you’ll be dressed in unique, stylish clothes, eating restaurant level food for every meal, enjoying top–quality lattes, coffees, and teas, all while looking spectacular doing it.

Homemaker is a loser job?

No.  An hour long commute only to spend half your day’s wages on clothes, coffee, and food is for losers.

You’re a winner.

That’s why you’re a homemaker.

Being a Homemaker Requires Brains and Skills.  Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition).  Originally published October, 2017.  Edited and Republished March, 2018.  Copyright © 2017, 2018 Vintage In Stepford.  All Rights Reserved.

Literally Objectify Her


You’re relaxing with the newspaper and she asks, “is there anything I can get you?

You grin and reply, “a footstool would be great.

She moves to retrieve the footrest and you correct her.  “No, no, honey.  You’re my footrest today.

Order her to get down on her hands and knees and stay perfectly still while you put your feet up and continue to read.

Maybe it’ll take you an hour to finish the paper.  Maybe it’ll take longer.  That’s okay.  You’re comfortable and that’s all that matters.

And what about her?

Don’t worry about her.  She’s just a girl.