I have to tell you that I’m pleased with the number of feminists and former feminists who follow my blog.  It encourages me to know that you’re either looking for the truth or have found the truth and have chosen my blog as one where you can study Traditional Gender Roles and Men First material.



I think most of us are former feminists and egalitarians.

I think so too but, without disclosing any names (which I would never do), I know there’s a lot of feminists and radical feminists who follow my blog.

And I have to say, I’m really glad for it.  I love to believe that people are so open-minded as to check out a blog like mine for information about how “the other side” thinks.  If you’re looking for raw data that proves feminism is factually incorrect (”wage gap,” rape statistics, etc.), I generally don’t post that information, though I have access to it and can post it if there’s a big enough demand.

But what I love most about blogging is the numerous stories I get from ex-feminists who have embraced the fact that they’re submissive and are much happier when they defer to the authority of a man whom they love and trust.  

I can blab on for hours about statistics, but what really matters is how happy people become when they leave behind feminism and embrace Traditional Gender Roles and/or Men First philosophies.

And, sure, this gig is tough.  I get my share of hate mail.  But every time I get just one piece of mail from someone telling me how happy they are now that they’ve walked away from feminism … at that moment, it’s all worth it.

So I’ll keep doing it.  Because you know what?  No matter who you are or how many pieces of hate mail you’ve already sent me, all I really want is for you to be happier tomorrow than you are today.

Loads of statistics may make you a better informed person, but living a life of Traditional Gender Roles makes you a happier person.

What more could you ask from life than to be both informed and happy?


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