Gaslight Her


Your girl serves many purposes, but don’t forget that she can provide a great deal of personal amusement.

One such form of entertainment is gaslighting.  By making her question her own memories and even her sanity, she’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Make sure you’ve both signed a consent agreement before you do it to her, but by gaslighting her until she thinks she might be losing her mind, you’ll find she bends more easily to your will and is more interesting to be around.


Inferior?  Yes. Trash? No.


Oh sure, you’ve got to treat her like trash in the bedroom.  If she wanted you to make sweet, gentle love to
her, she’d be in a Disney movie, not on her knees begging.

But is she worthless?  No way.  Without her, you’d have no one to dominate, no
one to use for your pleasure, no one to balance your masculine

Inferior?  Yes.  Worthless?  Absolutely not.